2018 Research

Regional Meetings 2018

September 26-October 4 2018

Saskatchewan Urban Municipalties Association advocacy and Engagement and Corporate Programs and Member Services Updates

SK Seniors Mechanism (Delivered at  Southeast, Central, Northeast, West Central, and Northwest meetings):
Moving Toward a Seniors Strategy for Saskatchewan
Where We Are Now
An Overview of Healthy Aging Strategies in Rural and Urban Canada

Education Session: Data and Decision Making: The Culture of Asset Management (Delivered at Southwest, Central, Northeast, West Central, and Northwest meetings)

Education Session: Policing and Community Safety (Delivered at the East Central meeting)


SUMA summer School

August 12-14, 2018


Leadership and Governance Session - "10 Years, 10 Lessons"
Malcolm Eaton, Former Mayor - City of Humboldt

Handling Complaints the Right Way
Ombudsman Mary McFadyen - Ombudsman Saskatchewan

Public Relations/Media Training 101
Mary Lynn Charlton, President and CEO and Dan Gold, Director of Digital Strategy - Martin Charlton Communications

Excellence in Regional Collaboration: The Kindersley Municipal Bylaw Court
Troy Baril, Partner - Miller Thomson LLP

Calming Conflicts and Resolving Disputes
Amanda Wilcox, Mediator - Dispute Resolutions Office, Ministry of Justice

CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit: A Three-Step Process
Jean-Marc Nadeau, CEO - SUMA


2018 SUMA webinars


December 18, 2018

SUMA webinar: Enforcing Municipal Bylaws
Municipalities spend a lot of time and effort writing bylaws to help further the safety, health, and well-being of their residents. But can those bylaws be enforced? In the SUMA webinar Enforcing Municipal Bylaws, lawyer Neil Robertson, QC, discussed the challenges and opportunities in enforcing compliance with bylaws.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

November 27, 2018

SUMA webinar: Cleaning Up Contaminated Sites
Almost every hometown has at least one contaminated site - an abandoned gas station, a derelict garage. But remediation of these properties is not cheap. In this free webinar, Craig Abernethy from the Ministry of Environment spoke about a new application process being developed to help municipalities in their efforts to clean up orphaned and abandoned contaminated sites.

Contact us for a free recording of this webinar.

November 13, 2018‚Äč

SUMA webinar: Reducing Waste
Hometown landfills are reaching capacity, and municipalities are looking for ways to divert and reduce refuse. In this webinar, Joanne Fedyk, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC), spoke about the cost of garbage and gave tips for creating a strong waste diversion and reduction strategy. Fedyk also shared how the SWRC can help.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

October 30, 2018

SUMA webinar: Building Resilience to Climate Change
Saskatchewan has already endured many costly climate-related events and is expected to experience more extreme weather. The effects have the potential to exceed municipal, provincial, and federal standards and building codes. SUMA and Associated Engineering discussed the importance of assessing the effects extreme weather could have on your hometown infrastructure projects.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

September 10, 2018

SUMA webinar: Getting Your Workplace Policies Right
As employers, municipalities have a duty to ensure safe workplaces. With cannabis legalization around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure your workplace policies are in place and up to date. SUMA and Jana Linner, a lawyer with MLT Aikins, discussed the key areas your policies should cover to keep your employees, and citizens, safe.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

August 2, 2018

SUMA webinar: Bullying in the Workplace
Unfortunately, bullying is far too common in the workplace, and it can have dire consequences. From causing feelings of anxiety to a lack of sleep and nervousness, bullying not only affects work productivity, but it can have long-lasting psychological effects. Attendees learned how to recognize a bully and how to stop bullying in the workplace for good.

Unfortunately we were unable to record this webinar but here is the Bullying in the Workplace Participant's Guide that was used during the session. 

June 19, 2018

SUMA webinar: Municipalities and Cannabis Legalization
Sean McKenzie, Senior Policy Advisor, and Steven Dribnenki, Policy and Legal Advisor, talk about the responsibilities your hometown has as we move toward cannabis legalization, from urban planning to bylaws and enforcement. Also learn about FCM's cannabis legalization guide and how it integrates with the province's cannabis framework.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

May 30, 2018

SUMA webinar: Routes to Road Renewal
Roads and sidewalks join a hometown together, literally. Maintaining these thoroughfares are essential to providing safe and reliable infrastructure, but sometimes it can be hard to balance the number of projects with available funding. Review the design and construction process used for rehabilitation or replacement of roadways and sidewalks under Regina’s Residential Road Renewal Program (RRRP). Though city based, the takeaways from the program are valuable to municipalities of any size.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

April 19, 2018

SUMA fundamentals Webinar Series: Resolving Disputes
Open discussions and lively debates are cornerstones of democracy. However, conflicts and disputes that linger after a meeting is over or the office is closed can hurt even the strongest municipalities. Learn tips for calming conflicts and tools for resolving disputes, so your council and staff can stay focused on moving your hometown forward.

Contact us to purchase a recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

April 4, 2018

SUMA replay: Illuminating the Path to Reconciliation
Taking the first step on the path to reconciliation can be tough. At Convention 2018, a panel of municipal leaders openly reflected on their community’s journey, and we brought their discussion online to you. Watch the recording of the Convention session, and learn more. The panel insights speak to communities of all sizes.

Check out the recording of the education session posted on our YouTube channel.

February 14, 2018

Saskatchewan NDP Leadership Candidate Forum
Both candidates participated in a SUMA-hosted online forum where members had the opportunity to engage them on issues that matter to their city, town, village, resort village, or northern municipality.

Contact us for a free recording of this online forum.


Cannabis Legalization Workshop

May 9, 2018


The Cannabis Act: What does it mean for Canadians? - 420 Clinic

Is Your Workplace Prepared for Legalized Marijuana? - MLT Aikins

Cannabis Guide Tutorial - SUMA


Convention 2018

February 4-7, 2018


Sunday Education Sessions

Power Up Your Council with Clear Roles: E1 and E7

Spotlight on Solid Waste Standards: E2 and E8

Zap the Risks at Special Events: E3 and E9

Be Prepared Before Disaster Strikes: E4 and E10

Avoid a Power Surge with Effective Meetings: E5 and E11

Bolt Down Good Infrastructure with Engineers: E6 and E12

Monday Education Sessions

Sparking Solid Waste Solutions: E13

Illuminating the Path to Reconciliation: E14

Getting Ready to Flip the Switch on Cannabis Legalization: E15

Tuesday Breakout Sessions

Plug In to Crime Prevention – Cities Breakout Session

Shining a Light on Open and Transparent Government – Towns and Villages Breakout Session

Lightning Round: Open Forum on Council Operations – Towns and Villages Breakout Session