Boardroom Rental


Boardroom Rental Fees

SUMA Members (Municipal or Affiliate)
Daily Rental - $175.00 per day (maximum of 8 hours)
Hourly Rental - $28.00 per hour
Daily Rental - $250.00 per day (maximum of 8 hours)
Hourly Rental - $40.00 per hour
Coffee/Tea - $4.00 per person
All prices indicated are subject to GST.


Boardroom Rental Policy

Terms and Conditions
SUMA’s boardroom is available for use on a rental basis. SUMA activities will take priority over all other bookings. Use of the room must not interfere with the daily work of SUMA staff.

Bookings are not confirmed or guaranteed until a signed Rental Agreement and payment has been received. Payment for rental must be received in the SUMA office at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Boardroom bookings are available on a first come first serve basis. The Renter and guests must arrive no earlier than the start time and must depart at or before the end time as indicated in the rental agreement, with no exceptions.
SUMA reserves the right to cancel a boardroom booking due to unforeseen circumstances or at their discretion. Should a cancellation occur by SUMA, the Renter will receive a full refund for their rental.
SUMA reserves the right to refuse rental of the boardroom at their discretion.

A deposit for the full cost of the rental must be paid at least 48 hours in advance of the requested date. Payment can be made by online payment or by cheque made out to SUMA. If payment is not received as indicated, the rental agreement will be terminated.
Payment is due on demand for the total cost of damages to the premises, equipment, fixtures or other, resulting from the use of the premises by the Renter or guest of the Renter.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made up to 48 hours before the requested date will be charged 15% of the total rental fee. Cancellations made within 24 hours will be charged 50% of the total rental fee.

The boardroom setup is designed in the round. Tables cannot be moved or repositioned. The Renter is responsible for clean-up and ensuring the room is left in the same condition it is found.
The Renter must ensure that no fixtures are constructed, erected, or attached to any part of the premises including but not limited to the floor, ceiling, or walls and that the premises is not altered in any way whatsoever.

Food and Beverage
Coffee and tea are available for purchase (including stir sticks, cream, sugar, coffee mugs). All other supplies not expressly mentioned in this policy are the responsibility of the Renter (i.e. food, beverage, plates, cutlery, napkins, etc.).
SUMA does not provide catering services; however, the Renter may arrange to have their own food and beverages brought in or delivered to the office. Please ensure it has been communicated to SUMA if a delivery is expected.
SUMA’s kitchen is for employee use only. Food items and supplies that are in the kitchen area belong to SUMA and are not available for use by the Renter.

Equipment and Supplies
With notice, rental of the boardroom includes the following:
✓ Conference room tables and chairs
✓ Dry erase board
✓ Wi-Fi
✓ Large screen TV with HDMI or wireless laptop connectivity
✓ Small refrigerator and sink
✓ Water glasses

Access and Security
The boardroom is available for rental Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is not accessible on statutory holidays. No access will be provided to the office earlier than 8:30 a.m. and all guests must depart at or before 4:30 p.m., without exception.

The Renter of the boardroom agrees to assume all responsibility for the cleanliness of the boardroom, returning it to the state in which it is found.
Garbage must be thrown out in the provided receptable, all dirty dishes cleaned, and chairs returned to their proper place around the boardroom table. All items not belonging to SUMA are to be removed from the building at the end of the rental. SUMA is not responsible for lost or damaged items that are left at SUMA’s building.

The Renter and their guests are asked to respect SUMA’s property and are to limit their movements to the boardroom and washroom facilities only. Any items (food products, supplies, incidental effects) that are not directly provided by the Renter are assumed to belong to SUMA and their staff and are therefore inaccessible to the Renter and guests. Renters are responsible for any damage to the facilities and/ or contents, fixtures, electronics, or other property. All damage must be reported to SUMA staff immediately. All costs for repairs or replacement of damaged equipment or facility are the responsibility of the Renter.

Renters and guests are not to leave the boardroom other than to use the washroom facilities. No parties should be moving about other areas of the SUMA office at any given time.

Upon the use of washroom facilities, it is expected that the Renter has informed their guests of the procedures in place for cleaning after each use of the washroom facilities. All touch surfaces in washrooms are to be cleaned by the user with the sanitary wipes provided and the washroom should be left in the same condition it was found. Sanitary wipes should be disposed of the in receptacle just outside of each washroom door. Washrooms are shared by SUMA staff, and it is expected that the Renter and their guests respect this shared space.

Free parking is available in the parking lot on a first come first serve basis. Alternative on street parking is available on the East and South sides of the building.

Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs
The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited and is not to be brought onto SUMA’s premises under any circumstance.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on SUMA’s property and not within 3 meters of SUMA’s main entrance. This includes but is not limited to all tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes and vapes.

The Renter agrees to assume all liability regarding actions of themselves and their guests.
It is understood that SUMA is in no way responsible for any personal injuries, property damages, or other liabilities that may be incurred during the use of their facility. The Renter agrees to release indemnity and hold on SUMA and its Landlord of any such damages. The Renter must ensure that all persons using the boardroom do so in an orderly manner and do not breach any law, regulation, bylaw, rule, or organization policy.

In all promotions and communication of the Renter’s meeting, SUMA’s name is only to be used as the meeting location. Any request for SUMA to support, promote, sponsor, or endorse the Renter’s meeting must first be approved by SUMA.
Any promotion or sales of products or service during the Renter’s meeting must first be approved by SUMA.
Any invitation extended to news media to cover the Renter’s meeting, must first be approved by SUMA.


SUMA grants permission for the use of the boardroom as outlined, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Boardroom Rental Agreement.

Please note, rental time includes prep and clean up time. Available hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., excluding statutory holidays.


Rental Information