Immigration and Settlement

SUMA's Immigration Policy

In 2015, SUMA developed an Immigration and Settlement Policy Position. Find that document here.


Welcoming Communities Toolkit

SUMA is proud to have partnered with with the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan on the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities (WIC) initiative. As part of this initiative, a Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Toolkit was developed.

Download the kit here



Municipal Immigration Network

Immigration helps strengthen communities, addressing labour shortages, improving economic sustainability, and supporting local recovery from the pandemic. Municipal governments have a significant role to play in attracting and welcoming immigrants. To assist Saskatchewan hometowns interested in fostering immigration in their community, SUMA is establishing the Municipal Immigration Network.  Through this network, hometowns will have the opportunity to: work closely with organizations that support immigrants; share information; learn best practices of how to attract, welcome, retain, and integrate immigrants; and promote regional collaboration.

If you are interested in joining SUMA’s Municipal Immigration Network, please complete the form below. The network is open to municipal leaders – both elected officials and administration – from SUMA member municipalities. Space in the network is limited. Members will be selected randomly, with consideration given to ensure that different sectors and regions are represented.


Educational Content

SUMA has hosted several webinars relating to Immigration and Settlement. A brief synopsis of each is outlined below.

For access to these recordings, please contact 


Working with Newcomers to Build Sustainable Communities

In this webinar, stakeholders who help attract, welcome, and integrate newcomers will share their insights into how working with newcomers can enhance community development and sustainability.


Immigration and You: Understanding Immigration Programs and Services

In this webinar presenters from the Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Immigration, City of Saskatoon, and the Regina Police Service discussed the immigration programs and services that are available and are used by other stakeholders to attract, welcome, and retain newcomers in Saskatchewan.


Settling in Saskatchewan: Sponsoring Refugees and Displaced Persons in Your Community

On February 24, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, more than 5 million people have fled the country. Annually, millions of people are displaced from their homes as a result of wars, persecution, violence, human rights violations, and the effects of climate change. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, global numbers of displaced persons exceeded 84 million in 2021.

As part of our Express Webinar Series, we heard short presentations from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, the Government of Saskatchewan, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement, and Integration Agencies about the different processes and programs available for refugees, displaced persons, and newcomers settling in Saskatchewan.