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Municipal Governance


Convention 2020

Convention 2019


Municipal Governance

Municipal Governance 101


Muncipal Governance 101: City Hall


Municipal Governance 101: Town Hall


Municipal Governance 101: Village Hall


Muncipal Governance 101: Resort Villages 


Municipal Governance 101: Northern Municipality Candidate Information Session and Open Forum


Getting to Know Saskatchewan's Local Governments


SUMA Webinars

Building Positive Relationships with Residents


Managing Your  Cyber Risk 


Transparency and the Public


Handling Harassment in the Municipal Workplace


Federal Election Forum


How to Prosecute Bylaws


Leading with Accountability: Ethics and Conflicts of Interest


LA FOIP 101: What Municipalities Need to Know



SUMA Convention 2020

Bracing for Disaster with Emergency Preparedness


Cement Compliance with Cooperative Purchasing


Developing Tomorrow's Smart Cities


Bolstering Partnerships for Growth in Towns and Cities


Rerouting Waste: Organics and Plastics


Solid Ethics, Strong Hometowns


Constructing Safe Cities: Approaches to Drugs, Gangs, and Crime


Equip Your Town or Village with a Community Safety Officer


A Blueprint for Council Succession


Setting the Groundwork on Coucil Operations



SUMA Convention 2019

Premier Scott Moe's Address


Earn a Power Play with Regional Cooperation


Blow the Whistle on Workplace Harassment


Equip Your Community with Solid Waste Management: Part I


The City of Humboldt's Experience


Equip Your Community with Solid Waste Management: Part II


The City of Humboldt's Experience


Women in the Game


Shut Out Crime in Your Community


Setting the Cap: Determining the Value of Water


Coach's Corner: Open Forum on Council Operations


Getting Youth off the Bench: Engaging Youth in Your Community (North Breakout Session)


Keeping Council Out of the Penalty Box (Towns and Villages Breakout Session)


Home vs. Away: Improving Local Recreational Facilities (Towns and Villages Breakout Session)