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Municipal Update

October 18, 2021
  • What Environmental Issues are Most Important to Your Community?
  • Upcoming Events
  • Learn About the Future of Nuclear Power in the Next SUMA Webinar
  • Event Insight – Poll Results
  • Apply for a Rink Affordability Grant
  • New in 2022 for SUMA Group Benefit Program Subscribers
  • New Pricing for Shipping Labels
  • Have You Registered for Regional Meetings?
  • SGI Wants Your Feedback on E-Scooters
  • Get Ready to Fill Out the Municipal Revenue Sharing Declaration of Eligibility
  • Share Your Thoughts on Droughts in Saskatchewan
  • Apply for the Inclusive Community Initiatives Fund
  • Community Investment Funding
  • Advocacy Update
    • SUMA Meets with Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety
  • Convention
    • Tips for Managing Your Convention 2022 Hotel Reservations
    • Resolutions for Convention 2022
  • COVID-19 Update
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Templates for Municipalities
    • Proof of Vaccination Requirements Expanded
  • Classifieds
  • Grants
  • Municipal Update Advertisement – LAFOIP Program Training for Municipalities

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Municipal Voice

Fall 2021

Theme: Governance and Risk Management

  • Keeping the Barn Door Closed with Strong Bylaws and Policies
  • Gamifying the Workplace
  • MLDP
  • TSS at Work
  • To Delay or Not Delay: Dangers of Deferring Maintenance or Replacement
  • Municipal Liability: Repair Obligations for Streets, Roads, Public Places, and Works
  • Managing Organizational Risks with Mental Health Supports
  • Good Governance: What Does it Mean?

and more…

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President's Update

September 2021

Notes from the September Board Meeting

  • Introducing the Convention 2022 logo
  • Vaccine Mandates and Municipalities
  • SUMA’s Bylaw Enforcement Project
  • Date for the Municipal Election
  • Conclusion of SUMA’s Federal Election Advocacy
  • Changes to Building Regulations

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Elected Officials Handbook

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