2022 Research

Bylaw Adjudication

In 2021, SUMA began a bylaw project. The purpose of the project was to look into different methods for adjudicating and enforcing bylaws. We collected data in many ways, including surveying our members and researching what other jurisdictions' bylaw ajudication systems look like. As part of the project, a report on innovations in municipal bylaw adjudication was created. You can read that report here

Innovations in Municipal Bylaw Adjudication


IPTI Report

In response to concerns brought forward by Saskatchewan hometowns, SUMA, in partnership with Saskatchewan's cities, commissioned a project on Saskatchewan's property assessment and taxation system. For the project, SUMA engaged the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) to conduct an independent review of the system. In July 2022, the IPTI completed the report titled "Review of the Property Tax System in Saskatchewan, April 2022".