CentralSource Powered by Kinetic GPO

CentralSource is transitioning its group purchasing to Kinetic GPO, a Canadian based group purchasing organization (GPO) with diverse contract offerings for Canada’s public sector.

CentralSource, formerly SUMAdvantage, was created to harness the purchasing power of Saskatchewan’s hometowns. By joining forces with Kinetic GPO, the value for SUMA members is expanded to include:

  • A greater selection of vendors
  • Leveraged national buying power
  • Additional resources                     
  • National expertise
  • Continued commitment to compliance
  • Stronger contracts

SUMA members can access Kinetic GPO’s national contracts on their website or on LinkedIn. To use Kinetic GPO's contracts, members must complete a Kinetic GPO membership form. All completed forms can be sent to Kerri Ann Daniels. The membership form authorizes Kinetic GPO to send promotional information to members. There is no membership fee, no volume commitment, and membership is not an exclusive arrangement. All CentralSource programs, now powered by Kinetic GPO, can be found below.

Have questions? Contact Carl Macdonald.

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