2016 Research

2016 SUMA webinar

June 22, 2016

Landfill Research Project
This members-only webinar covered the likely costs of proposed changes to municipal landfill standards. University of Saskatchewan professor Ian Fleming shared his research findings on the current state of municipal landfills among a sample of 44 SUMA members, and how much it would likely cost to bring them up to bring them up to proposed standards. Members can contact us for a free recording of this webinar.

Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities Workshop

November 17 and 23, 2016

The Council-Administration Dynamic

Wise Stewardship

Introduction to Municipal Law

SUMA overview

UMAAS Overview

Regional Meetings 2016

November 15–25, 2016

SUMA overview, Policy Update, and Corporate Programs and Member Services Update

Education session: Social Media for Elected Officials and Municipalities (delivered at Southeast and East Central meetings)

Education session: New Municipal Conflict of Interest Rules (delivered at East Central and Southwest meetings)

Village Sector Meeting 2016

May 10 – 11, 2016

Policy and Legal Update: Presentations from SUMA

Duty of Fairness: Presentation from Ombudsman Saskatchewan

Regionalization of Water Infrastructure: Presentation 

RCMP Policing Costs Breakdown: Presentation from Ministry of Justice

SUMAdvantage: Presentation from SUMA

Bylaw Workshop

May 10, 2016

Drafting Municipal Bylaws: Presentation from Saskatchewan Government Relations Advisory Services & Municipal Relations Branch

Enforcing Municipal Bylaws: Presentation on the Community Safety Officer Program

Prosecuting Municipal Bylaws: Presentation from Chrystal Atchison, City of Regina City Solicitor's Office

Convention 2016

January 31 - February 3, 2016

Sunday Education Sessions

How Fire Service Affects Property Insurance: E1 and E7

Public Procurement Practices to Avoid a Lawsuit: E2 and E8

Keeping Council Out of Conflict: E3

Three Rs: Regulations Requirements, and Recycling: E4 (Part one and Part two) and E10 (Part one and Part two)

Rail Safety Measures to Prepare and Protect: E5 and E11

Property Assessment 201: Preparing for Revaluation 2017: E6 and E12

Monday Education Sessions

E13: Taking a Chance on Change

E14: Lessons Learned Through the 2015 Wildfires

E15: Open Forum on Council Operations

Tuesday Breakout Sessions

Cities: Growing Green

Towns and Villages Above 500: Filling the Volunteer Void

Towns and Villages Below 500: Building Solid Employment Relationships