Municipal Voice

  • Spring 2024

    Theme: Convention 2024

    • Convention 2024 Theme: ReFRESH, ReNEW, ReFOCUS
    • Convention FAQ
    • Social Events
    • And more.....


  • Winter 2023

    Theme: Municipal Climate Action

    • Infrastructure
    • Water stewardship
    • Climate resilience in Parks and Recreation
    • Climate resilience in Saskatchewan

    and more...

  • Fall 2023

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management

    • Sustainable methods for your municipality's water supply
    • Creating a culture that cares
    • Continuing Saskatchewan's Legacy of Helping Eachother: Fighting Mental Health and Addictions
    • Provincial Safety Fund Grants

    ....and more

  • Spring 2023

    Theme: Tune In – 2023 SUMA Convention and Tradeshow

    • Answering Your Convention Questions
    • Everything Convention at Your Fingertips
    • Advocacy Opportunities
    • Municipal Marketplace
    • Sponsors
    • Education Sessions
    • MC and Keynote Speaker
    • Social Activities
    • The Expanded Constructive Taking Action: Municipal Authority to Regulate Land in the Post Annapolis World
    • Legal Case Update: Property Assessments
    • Municipal Sustainability – The next great opportunity, or just another problem to deal with?
    • Good Governance: A Look at SUMA’s Governance Review

    and more…

  • Winter 2022

    Theme: Enhancing Safety in Your Community

    • Supporting Community Safety with a Cohesive Council
    • We’re All in This Together: Addressing the Mental Health and Addictions Crisis in Saskatchewan’s Hometowns
    • Community Safety: A Team Effort
    • RET Training Offers a Safer Response to Elevator Emergencies
    • Ins and Outs of the Fire Service Minimum Standards Guide
    • How STARS Mobile Training is Enhancing Community Safety
    • Considerations for Municipalities and their Councils under the LAFOIP Act
    • Peer to Peer: Saskatchewan’s Municipal Peer Network

    and more…

  • Fall 2022

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management

    • Risks and Rewards: Accepting Risk in the Pursuit of Innovation
    • Future Trends in Municipal Governance - Or Just Wishful Thinking?
    • The Ransomware Epidemic: Stay Prepared for Ransomware
    • To BCC or Not BCC: A Question for LA FOIP
    • Strengthening Local Government Leadership with MLDP
    • Building Hometowns: Encouraging Immigration to Your Community
    • Strengthening Hometown Governments with the Targeted Sector Support Initiative

    and more...

  • Summer 2022

    Theme: Infrastructure – Investing in the future

    • Walking Hand in Hand – Governance and Infrastructure
    • Getting Proactive about Municipal Asset Management
    • Municipalities Contemplating Infrastructure Projects May Qualify for Government Funding
    • Building Saskatchewan Hometowns with the Canada Community-Building Fund
    • Growth Goals Mean Housing Goals – Have We Talked About That Yet?
    • Convention 2022: Recap and Awards

    and more…

  • Spring 2022

    Theme: Connect - 2022 SUMA Convention and Tradeshow

    • Important Deadlines
    • Transportation
    • The App is Back
    • Answering Your Convention Questions
    • Advocacy Opportunities at Convention
    • Education Sessions
    • Municipal Marketplace
    • MC and Keynote Speaker
    • Social Activities
    • Connections are Opportunities to Grow
    • Connecting Saskatchewan Municipalities with Skills and Expertise to Create Vibrant Communities
    • Councillor Conflicts of Interest in the COVID-19 Virtual World
    • Board of Revision Training and Certification Update

    and more...

  • Winter 2021

    Theme: Healthy Leaders, Healthy Communities

    • Roles, Rules, and Balance: Aspects of Health for Leaders
    • Meet Saskatchewan’s New Municipal Peer Mentors
    • Who Governs Us – Who Governs the Land?
    • (Snow) Clearing the Way: The Implications of Nelson V Marchi for Municipalities
    • Practical Steps for Dealing with Harassment of Elected Officials and Municipal Staff
    • Supporting a Colleague: Mental Health as a First Responder
    • Next Level Management: The Benefits of a PMO

    and more…

  • Fall 2021

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management

    • Keeping the Barn Door Closed with Strong Bylaws and Policies
    • Gamifying the Workplace
    • MLDP
    • TSS at Work
    • To Delay or Not Delay: Dangers of Deferring Maintenance or Replacement
    • Municipal Liability: Repair Obligations for Streets, Roads, Public Places, and Works
    • Managing Organizational Risks with Mental Health Supports
    • Good Governance: What Does it Mean?

    and more…

  • Summer 2021

    Theme: Investing in Infrastructure

    • Modernizing Communities with Digital Infrastructure
    • Tourism Saskatchewan Investment Programs Help to Diversify and Expand Travel Offerings
    • ICIP Landfill Closure Program
    • Saskatchewan Producers and Municipalities Key to Achieving Cleanfarms' Plan for Zero Ag Waste
    • Municipal Cashflow: A Juggling Act for the Ages
    • The Federal Gas Tax Fund at Work in Saskatchewan
    • Change and Community Evolution

    ...and more!

  • Spring 2021

    Theme: Cooperation and Planning

    • COVID-19: A One-Year Retrospective on Challenges and Successes
    • Communicating in a Crisis: Planning for Municipalities
    • Rideshare, Uber, and Accessible Transportation in Rural Saskatchewan
    • Who Knew Budgeting Could be Fun?
    • The Benefits of Master Services Agreements

    … and more!

  • Winter 2020

    Theme - Stronger Together - Convention 2021

    • Welcome to SUMA!
    • Bring Them Along
    • Conflicts of Interest: Who, Me?
    • New Councils Need to Build on a Firm Foundation
    • Culture Shock
    • Prioritizing Wellbeing in Saskatchewan Communities
    • Good News: Municipal Nominee Program on the Way!

    ... and more!

  • Fall 2020

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management

    • Well Done, Civic Leaders
    • Legal Q&A: COVID-19 and Disclosure of Personal Information
    • Top Four Considerations When Responding to Cyberattacks and Data Breaches
    • Real Succession Planning
    • Crime and COVID-19
    • Rules for Citizens at Public Meetings
    • Recycle Right
    • Good Governance with Assest Management
    • Public Officials Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

    ...and more!

  • Summer 2020

    Theme: Infrastructure - Contracts and Green Programs

    • Who Is Responsible for Building Communities
    • COVID-19 Funding Stimulus: Proving Your Case
    • When is a 'Bridge' Not a 'Road?': The Application of the Builders' Lien Act to Overpass Projects
    • Addressing Contracts Impacted by COVID-19
    • Building Communities with the Federal Gas Tax Fund
    • Plastic Bag Bans: A How-To Guide
    • Keeping Grain Bags Out of Landfills
    • Reducing Food Loss and Waste a Clarion Call for All 

    … and more!

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  • Spring 2020

    Theme: Preparing for Change

    • COVID-19: Municipalities Face Economic Development Challenges
    • Becoming SUMA – Answering Rebranding Questions
    • Saskatchewan’s New Waste Management Strategy
    • Legal Services Voice: Conflicts of Interest
    • Improve your Municipal Bottom Line Through Grant Writing
    • Update: Boards of Revision renewal project
    • Roadside Development Permits: New Application System
    • Convention 2020 Recap
    • Winning Practices: Saskatchewan Municipal Award Winners
    • Thank You Sponsors
    • The Results: Convention 2020 Feedback
    • Service Award Recipients

    … and more!

  • Winter 2019

    Theme: Building Sustainable Hometowns - Convention 2020

    • Implementing Community Citizen Engaged Best Management Practices Through Adaptive Management
    • Keeping Streets Legal: Municipal Duties for Maintaining Roads and Sidewalks
    • Using Bylaws to Foster Sustainability in Municipalities
    • Dealing with Code of Ethics Complaints
    • Immigration 101: Attracting, Welcoming, and Retaining Immigrants

    ... and more!

  • Fall 2019

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management

    • Are Your Hometown Policies Up To Snuff?
    • Having an Access to Information Policy
    • Construction Procurement Tips and Traps
    • Meet LESA: The Landfill Environmental Site Assessment Program
    • Municipal Leadership Development Program Helping Councils Adapt to This Changing World
    • Non-Title Tax Enforcement by Saskatchewan Municipalities
    • Free 10 Minute Trainers: Council Roles and Responsibilities
    • Free Expression or License to Libel? When Speech Crosses the Line

    ... and more!

  • Summer 2019

    Theme: Infrastructure

    • Prompt Payment in Saskatchewan: Information You May Not Be Aware Of
    • Extended Producer Responsibility: A Saskatchewan Recycling Success Story
    • Local Solutions for a Greener Canada
    • The Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network is Now Available Province-Wide
    • Balancing the Private and the Public: Complying with LA FOIP and Municipal Acts

    ...and more!

  • Spring 2019

    Theme: Hometown Improvement

    • Reviving Canora
    • Regina's Audacious Entrepreneurial Movement
    • Regional Planning: Finding Solutions Together
    • Enforcing Municipal Bylaws
    • Lessons Learned: Complying with LA FOIP
    • Getting the Right Procurement Practices in Place

    ... and more!

  • Winter 2018

    Theme: Hometown Advantage

    • Convention Chair's Voice
    • Court is in Session: A Look Inside Kindersley's Bylaw Court
    • A Work in Progress: Reviewing the Municipal Conflict of Interest Rules
    • Shutting Out Crime with Environmental Design
    • A Path to Reconciliation
    • Sharing Stories of the Land: The Original Humboldt
    • Diverting Waste with a Comprehensive Recycling Centre

    ... and more!

  • Fall 2018

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management

    • Calming Conflicts and Resolving Disputes
    • Peer to Peer: Saskatchewan's Municipal Peer Network
    • What's My Job Anyway? Part II: Employment Law Rights and Wrongs
    • Fostering Brownfield Redevelopment
    • Best Practices for Meeting Procurement Trade Obligations

    ...and more!

  • Summer 2018

    Theme: Infrastructure

    • Discover and Report: The Duty to Report Contamination Discovered by a Municipality
    • AIMM to Fight the Spread of Invasive Mussels in Saskatchewan
    • Editorial: Municipalities Building Canada's Future
    • Moving Toward a Provincial Seniors Strategy

    ... and more!

  • Spring 2018

    Theme: That Hometown Feeling

    • Making Your Community a Doctor's Hometown
    • Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Communities
    • My Hometown
    • Moving Forward with Economic Development
    • Economic Development: A Bridge to Reconciliation
    • Engaging the North: New Frontiers in Municipal Law

    ... and more!

  • Winter 2017

    Theme: The Power of Hometowns

    • Convention Chair’s Voice
    • The Solar Power of Hometowns
    • The Power of Bylaws: Responding to New Challenges
    • The Power of Composting in Saskatchewan
    • Get Your Community Ready to Attract Business Investment
    • The Power to Address Homelessness Begins at the Root

    ...and more!

  • Fall 2017

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management

    • SUMA’s 2017-21 Strategic Plan
    • Highly Trained People Key to Risk Mitigation
    • Enforcing the Code: Ensuring Fair Treatment and Penalties
    • Council Agendas and Meeting Minutes
    • Bridging Truth and Transparency
    • Playing Music in Public Legally, Ethically, and Easily
    • How SUMAdvantage Brings Value to All Members

    ...and more!

  • Summer 2017

    Theme: Asset Management

    • Government of Canada and FCM Partnering to Build Community Asset Management Capabilities
    • Asset Management and the Municipal Infrastructure Challenge
    • Killing the Black Swans: Driving Predicability in Major Capital Projects
    • Implementation: The Forgotten Link of the Planning Process
    • Responding to a Budget that Hurt Hometowns
    • Past President Button Receives Roll of Honour

    ...and more!

  • Spring 2017

    Theme: Communications and Engagement

    • Five Categories of Communication and Engagement
    • Meeting Expectations: Balancing the Public with the Private
    • Three Community Partnerships That may be Key to Sustainability
    • Improving your Communication Skills and Being a Lifelong Learner
    • First #AMA a Success for City of Regina
    • Our Humboldt: Values-led Strategic Change
    • ...and more!


  • Winter 2016

    Theme: Shaping an Urban Saskatchewan

    • Clearing Up Convention Misconceptions
    • Policy Opportunities at Convention
    • Three Rivers, One Basin
    • From Someone Who's Been There

    ...and more!

  • Fall 2016

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management 

    • The Trauma of Transition
    • Getting Acquainted with Ombudsman Saskatchewan
    • Protecting your Data in the Digital Age
    • Behind the Scenes of SUMAdvantage Program Development

    ...and more!

  • Summer 2016

    Theme: Green Infrastructure

    • Greener Buildings = Money Savings
    • Active Transportation Beyond Recreation
    • Melville's Experience with FCM's Leadership in Asset Management Program
    • The Federal Gas Tax at Work in Saskatchewan

    ...and more!

  • Spring 2016

    Theme: Economic & Community Development

    • Economic Benefits of Greenspaces
    • Supporting Small Business in Your Community
    • Destination Marketing Programs: Where to start and how they can help
    • Making the Most out of Tourism
    • Convention 2016 Recap

    ...and more!

  • Winter 2015
    • Convention Education Sessions
    • Answering Your Convention Questions
    • Adapting to a Rapidly Changing Situation
    • Inspiring Change: Build a Volunteer Legacy
    • Motivating the Next Generation of Canadians 

    ...and more!

  • Fall 2015

    Theme: Governance and Risk Management: Legal Tangles

    • Conflicts of Interest: Entering Unknown Territory
    • A Quick Guide to LA FOIP
    • Prayer at Council Meetings
    • MLDP: Good for Governance                                                                                                                                             ...and more!
  • Summer 2015Theme:
    Infrastructure: Can we innovate our infrastructure?
    • Leadership in Asset Management Program
    • Nipawin Thrives as Host of 3rd Annual Municipal Infrastructure Conference
    • SaskWater’s Effluent Irrigated Woodlot Disposal Solution
    • Infrastructure: How to Renew, How to Pay
                                                    ...and more!
  • Spring 2015Theme: Public Safety and Health
    • Seniors' Safety in Age-Friendly Communities
    • 3 Ps of Policing
    • Avoiding Liability by Keeping Communities Safe
    • How Secure are my Electronic Tips?
    • 2015 Convention Recap
    • Saskatchewan Municipal Award Winners
                                                                                   ...and more!
  • Winter 2014Theme: The Urban Heartbeat
    • Convention Education Sessions
    • MLDP Welcomes New Facilitators
    • Policy Opportunities at Convention
    • Age-Friendly Saskatchewan
    • Are You Proud of your Hometown?
    • Crisis and Opportunity: Time for a National Infrastructure Plan
    • Our Humboldt: Planning and Budgeting through a New Lens
    • Have a Heart: Ensuring Fair Play in Decisions
                                                                                   ...and more!
  • Fall 2014Theme: Governance and Risk Management plus Human Resources
    • The CAO-Council Interface: A critical ‘linchpin’
    • Enterprise Risk Management in the Public Sector
    • Sharing Staff, Saving Money, Building Relationships
    • Effective Performance Management for CAOs
    • Hiring Municipal Executives Not for the Faint of Heart
    • SUMA Hits the Links in White City
    • A Long-Term Approach to Water
    • Central Municipal Procurement Services Project              ...and more!

    Bonus: The last page of the document includes a sample CAO performance review that you can print and use!

  • Summer 2014Theme: Infrastructure – Making the most of your money
    • Where Do We Start on Infrastructure?
    • Saving Money by Writing a Clear RFP
    • Stretching Dollars by Working Together
    • Kindersley Hosts Annual Infrastructure Conference
    • Key Questions on Infrastructure Investment
    • NEW: Legal Services Voice                       ...and more! 
  • Spring 2014Theme: Emergency Planning
    • Convention Recap
    • Emergency Planning with your Neighbours
    • How does Growth Affect Emergency Planning
    • Three Lessons from this Winter's Storms
    • The State of Emergency Experience
    • Five Steps to an Emergency Response Plan                       ...and more!
  • Winter 2013Theme: Strength From Many Peoples
    • Building Power and Partnerships
    • Creating a Strong Relationship Between Administration and Council
    • Engaging Volunteers and Embrace Diversity Through Recreation
    • Convention Agenda
    • Inspiration from Strength
    • First-timer's Guide to Convention
    • Education at Convention
    • Safe Drinking Water - Part Four
                                                                                                             ...and more!
  • Fall 2013Theme: Governance and Risk Management
    • Be Prepared: What to Consider for Your Emergency Plan
    • My Experience Building Better Governance
    • Eliminating the Risks of Poor Governance
    • A Co-operative Approach to Risk Management
    • Imagine an Injury-Free Saskatchewan
    • Safe Drinking Water - Part Three                                   ...and more! 
  • Summer 2013Theme: Infrastructure
    • Getting Started with Asset Management
    • Investing in Human Infrastructure
    • Two Sides to the Story: Are P3s the future of infrastructure?
    • Exploring Regional Infrastructure Development
    • Harvesting Rain to Protect Infrastructure
    • Safe Drinking Water - Part Two                                   ...and more!
  • Spring 2013Theme - Growth: Challenges & Opportunities
    • Growth and Challenges - Succession Planning
    • Water and Wastewater Services for Growing Communities
    • A Changing Landscape for Parks and Recreation
    • A Profile of the Mid Sask Municipal Alliance
    • The Challenges of Growth Faced by the Estevan Police Service
    • Safe Drinking Water - Part One                                    ...and more!
    • Bonus Online Article: Powering our Future

  • Winter 2012Theme: Convention 2013

    Inter-municipal Connections at Convention
    Misconceptions About Convention
    First-timers' Guide
    Policy Opportunities at Convention
    The year for UMAAS
    SAMA and the 2013 Revaluation                                      ...and more!
  • Fall 2012
    Leadership & Good Governance Theme
    Advocacy update
    2012 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards
    Community engagement
    FAQs about the Saskatchewan Environmental Code
    ...and more!
  • Summer 2012Recreation and Culture theme:
    Supporting a cultural network Saskatchewan-style
    Saskatchewan spirit: recreation centres – worth their weight in gold
    Communities must share the responsibility to keep kids active
    Creating a tourism destination area with a Community Resource Inventory
    SPRA – recreation, an investment for life
    ...and more!
  • Spring 2012
    • Convention Recap
    • Advocacy Update
    • Saskdocs Making Progress
    • Disaster Management theme
  • December, 2011

    • Convention Agenda
    • First Timers Guide
    • Convention Tradeshow
    • Breakout Sessions
    • Keynote Speaker...and more
  • October, 2011
    • Urban Infrastructure
    • Better at Waste Management
    • Creating Tax Room
    • Houses in Short Supply
    • Braun Agro                                          ... and more!
  • August, 2011

    Urban Infrastructure Edition

    Waste Water Project
    P3 Canada Fund
    Water Treatment Critical
    Risk Management Advice
                               .... and more...

  • June 2011

    Hazlet Wind Powered Rink
    Election Sign Recycling
    FCM Brownfields
    Bridge Funding
    Scrap Tire
    Paint Recycling

  • May 2011Renewal and Transformation in Big River
    Budget Recap
    Carbon Offset
    Socio-economic Profiles
    Shine a Light - 5th Annual SMA
    Affordable Housing Options
  • March/April 20112011 Convention recap
    White Butte - A Leader in Inter-Municipal Cooperation
    Dalmeny Firefighter Honoured as one of Canada's Best
    Rethinking Communities
  • January 2011106th Convention Preview; Board Profile - Al Heron; Municipalities hiring workers should contact Board of Examiners; Municipal Planning Workshop
  • October 2010Board Develops Strategic Plan; Board Profile - Bruce Fidler; Waste Reduction Week Showcases Saskatchewan Innovation; New Look For SUMA Advantage
  • September 2010Special Projects Coordinator Position A 'Win' For Everyone; Ministerial Meetings; Board Profile - Rolly Zimmer; SUMA and Saskatchewan Water Strategy Forum
  • June 2010

    SUMA's Board of Directors Meet; City Mayor's Caucus; Province Signs Onto New West Partnership; Kindersley's Exhibition Stadium Fire

  • April 2010SUMA's Perspective on Budget 2010 - 2011; 2010 President's Banquet Award Recipients; Summary of Convention's Education Sessions; Report from SUMA 's Sectors

  • December 2009Deal or no deal; Understanding local governments; Making Contracts Work; MOG concerns dominate Board meeting
  • October 2009So...what's next: MOG brought a resolution to the long-term funding issue; we review where we go from here; Board of Directors update; Consultations: An important part of what we do; More trouble ahead for recycling programs
  • July 2009Green is the Colour, Environment is the Game; SIGI saves Yorkton $2.8 million; Sask. Municipal Awards Recognize Innovative Partnership
  • April 2009Municipalities Celebrate Historic Budget; When Good Public Policy Makes Good Politics; SUMA’s Policy & Communications Team Hits the Road
  • January 2009Hot Start to a Cold New Year; It’s Our Time: SUMA readies for its 104th Annual Convention; Saskatchewan recycling programs in dire straits in wake of global economic down turn

  • September 2008The Municipal Sector Strategic Plan: A work in progress; Planning Ahead to Get Your Municipality Ahead; Exploring a cultural policy for Saskatchewan’s communities
  • June 2008Infrastructure gaps: Slack strategies; Student sustainability summit puts Saskatchewan on the map; SUMA hosts international delegation
  • April 2008Does the Framework Agreement mean construction season? Getting back to real Revenue Sharing; Self insurance: an alternative for your municipality
  • March 2008Chief Louie the hit of Convention; Hibernation in the Bear Pit; Few cookies in Minister Hutchinson’s address
  • December 2007Estevan to Canada: Flick Off!; Getting beyond “interim” increases to Revenue Sharing; Sustainable communities planning workshop a success
  • November 2007High hopes for new provincial government; Seven towns in seven days: SUMA’s regional meetings; Leaner and greener infrastructure at your fingertips
  • April 2007Budget is in the eye of the beholder; Saskatoon Shines on Juno Weekend; SUMA rallies with Save Our Schools
  • December 2006SUMA opens hospital contribution review; St. Walburg earns international recognition; Building Communities receives mixed reviews
  • November 2006Campaign goes public; 2006 Municipal election results; 2007 Convention Update
  • September 2006Launch of the Urban Agenda; Women’s Participation in SUMA; Develop Your Skills as a Municipal Leader
  • April 2006Budget Helpful, but No Long-Term Plan for Urban Municipalities; SUMA Celebrates Official Opening; SUMA and SARM Join Forces to Enhance Saskatchewan’s Economic Climate
  • March 2006Premier begins Revenue Sharing recovery; Recycling Task Force finalizes new directions; Convention highlights
  • December 2005Expectations Raised - Expectations Deferred; SUMA, SARM and the U of R Partner to
    Explore Saskatchewan’s Nuclear Future; Researching a Saskatchewan-Made Water Treatment System
  • November 2005City mayors push for Revenue Sharing this fall; Education Property Tax Coalition Gathering Support; “PA is far from finished!”
  • September 2005New Deal Dollars Expected to Flow Soon; BMO and SUMA Strategic Partnership Program;
    Request 10 per cent ethanol, LaBelle asks
  • June 2005Saskatchewan enters new era of municipal governance; Gas tax deal for Saskatchewan nearing completion; SUMA continues to pursue Crystal Meth problem
  • April 2005Status quo budget short-changes future prosperity; School tax credits; Regional cooperation in action
  • February 20052005 Convention Edition; New Deal - Raw Deal; Dialogues with Ministers recap