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The cost for each ad is $150 + tax (members) or $300 + tax (non-members). Advertisers may purchase multiple ads and post them at the same time.

  • Ads may fall into one of two categories: Positions Available or For Sale.
  • Cost covers website classified posting for month-long increments, and are non-refundable once posted, although they may be taken down prior to the end date by advertiser request ( More details are available on the submission page.
  • 250 words max; no graphics (including logos); may include one link to an email address and one link to advertiser website 
  • $150 per month plus tax for SUMA members per ad, and $300 per month plus tax for non-members per ad.
  • Multiple ads can be purchased and posted at the same time, although each ad will incur the $150 or $300 price. 
  • Ads appear both on our website Classifieds section and in the Municipal Update e-newsletter.
  • All fields starred in red (below) are mandatory.
  • Classifieds are posted weekly.
  • If you have problems with the web form, please email ads directly to, including all information as listed below.
  • You will receive confirmation once the ad is uploaded to the website.


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