Fulfilling the Federal Government Commitment to 2,500 New Police Officers

Year: 2008


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA lobby the federal government to fulfill its commitment to provide 2500 additional police officers.

Provincial Response

Response: I am pleased to be able to inform you that since the time of your writing, the 2008 Federal Budget set aside $400 million for a Police Officers Recruitment Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to support the efforts of provinces and territories in recruiting additional police officers nation-wide that can target local crimes and make communities safer. Given their responsibilities for policing, provinces and territories will have the flexibility to draw down the funding as they require over the next five years. And, while the Government of Canada has set out the broad intent of the Fund, it will be up to the Government of Saskatchewan to decide how to direct the funding in ways that it feels would best meet the province's respective policing priorities and public safety needs. I would therefore suggest that you make your views in this regard known to the Minister responsible for policing in the Saskatchewan Government.

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