Renewable Energy Production

Year: 2018


Whereas the provincial government has set a target of 50 per cent renewable energy production by 2030; and

Whereas community and individual participation in SaskPower’s Net Metering Program is limited to usual power consumption of a billing address; and

Whereas SaskPower’s Small Power Producers Program is limited to 100 kilowatts’ production;

Therefore, be it resolved that the SUMA advocate increased support for individual land owners and municipalities to implement renewable energy initiatives; and

Be it further resolved that SUMA advocate SaskPower increase the amount of power that can be produced under their Net Metering and Small Power Producers programs.

Provincial Response

SaskPower has set a target of reducing emissions by approximately 40 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. To accomplish this, SaskPower is looking to increase the amount of renewable generation in Saskatchewan from about 25 per cent today to as much as 50 per cent by 2030. To meet these targets SaskPower is looking to, among many other things, increase the amount of renewable generation from large scale wind and solar facilities and is also looking to make changes to existing customer generation programs such as the Net Metering Program and Small Power Producers Program. Details on these programs will be announced later this year.

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