2019 Research

Regional Meetings 2019

October 1 - 9, 2019

SUMA advocacy and Engagement and CentralSource Updates

Education Session: Breaking Down Barriers: Building Parity on Council (Delivered at Central and Northeast meetings)

Education Session: Energy Management Strategy (Delivered at Northwest meeting)

Education Session: Engineering Solution to Capital Builds/Asset Management Assessment (Delivered at Northwest meeting)

Education Session: Canada’s Railways: The wheels are always turning – moving people, goods, and the Canadian economy (Delivered at East Central meeting)


Municipal Symposium: July 28 - 30, 2019

Report on the Municipal Symposium


Building the Best Workplaces Workshop

May 8, 2019


Guide to Successful Workplace Policies and Practices - MLT Aikins

Harassment and Discriminatory Action - Occupational Health and Safety


Sector Meeting 2019

May 9, 2019


Town, Village, and Northern Sector Meeting 2019


Convention 2019

February 3-6, 2019


Sunday Education Sessions:

Earn a Power Play with Regional Cooperation: E1 and E7

Blow the Whistle on Workplace Harassment: E2 and E8 

Power Forward to Reconciliation: E3 and E9 - Watch the video featured in the sessions.  

Equip Your Community with Solid Waste Management: E4 and E10 

The City of Humboldt's Experience: E5 and E11

Women in the Game: E6 and E12

Tuesday Education Sessions:

Setting the Cap: Determining the Value of Water: E13

Coaches Corner: Open Forum on Council Operations: E14 
Some other great resources are the City of Saskatoon's Municipality's Enforcement Toolkit and Transportation Network Company Bylaw

Shut Out Crime in Your Community: E15

Tuesday Breakout Sessions:

Keeping Council Out of the Penalty Box – Towns and Villages Breakout Session

Home vs. Away: Improving Local Recreational Facilities – Towns and Villages Breakout Session

Getting Youth Off the Bench: Engaging Youth in Your Community - North Breakout Session


2019 SUMA webinars


October 22, 2019

SUMA webinar: Transparency and the Public
Transparency is a pillar of good governance – it strengthens government, promotes efficiency, and builds trust in the public. But balancing transparency while protecting private information can be difficult. During this one-hour webinar SUMA's own Steven Dribnenki, Legal Services Advisor, and Sarah MacMillan, Communications Advisor, provided tips for communicating with the public, including media, and discussed best practices for creating a culture of transparency in your municipality.

Click here for a free recording of this webinar. 

October 10, 2019

SUMA webinar: Handling Harassment in the Municipal Workplace
All employers have a moral and legislative obligation to provide a harassment free workplace. To help municipalities respond to harassment in the municipal workplace, SUMA and SARM have launched a Harassment Prevention Policy Template. The template is applicable to not only council and administration, but also anyone who is visiting a municipal workplace. During this one-hour webinar, Jana Linner from MLT Aikins LLP explored the Harassment Prevention Policy Template and discussed how you can advance a safe, harassment free workplace in your municipality.

Click here for a free recording of this webinar. 

September 26, 2019

SUMA webinar: Federal Election Forum
In advance of the federal election, SUMA hosted a federal election forum exclusively for SUMA members. During this webinar five federal candidates from Saskatchewan shared how their parties plan to work with municipalities.

Click here for a free recording of this webinar. 

September 11, 2019

SUMA webinar: Leading with Accountability - Ethics and Conflict of Interest
Recent high profile conflict of interest decisions have upheld a high ethical standard. Learn what the most recent cases and decisions mean for municipal governance? In this webinar, Steven Dribnenki, Legal Services Advisor for SUMA, talks about conflict of interest and the importance of honouring ethical duties.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

August 21, 2019

SUMA webinar: Recycling in Saskatchewan - Meeting Challenges and Seizing Opportunities
How and what we recycle is changing. China’s recycling ban, the elimination of single use plastics, and the move to extended producer responsibility programs point to big challenges, but also bold new opportunities. In this webinar, Christine Thompson of Recycle Saskatchewan talked about the state of recycling in Saskatchewan today and in the future.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

July 18, 2019

SUMA webinar: Meet LESA - Funding for Landfill Closures
Closing a municipal landfill can be pricey, but there’s a new funding program that can help. In this webinar, SUMA and the Ministry of Environment talked about the new Landfill Environmental Site Assessment (LESA) Program that provides financing for Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

Click here for a free recording of this webinar. 

June 27, 2019

SUMA webinar: Building Positive Relationships With Residents
It's not easy to turn every interaction with a resident into a positive encounter. But a negative experience in the municipal office can not only impact a resident's view of the municipality, it can also affect community morale. In this webinar, Gloria Obrigewitsch, owner and operator of GCO Consulting teaches you key skills required to foster positive relationships between municipal government and its residents.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

June 18, 2019

SUMA webinar: How to Prosecute Bylaws
You give out a ticket or notice for a bylaw infraction. But now what? How do you collect that fine or make sure that infraction is remedied? In this webinar, Troy Baril and Jacey Safnuk of Miller Thomson talk about best practices when prosecuting bylaws, from service to court to collecting fines.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

May 14, 2019

SUMA webinar: Changes to Municipal Legislation
The acts that govern Saskatchewan's hometowns are being reviewed. In this webinar, Andrea Ulrich and Allan Laird from the Ministry of Government Relations talked about the proposed changes to The Cities Act, The Municipalities Act, and The Northern Municipalities Act, 2010. 

Contact us for a free recording of this webinar. 

April 29, 2019

SUMA webinar: LA FOIP 101: What Municipalities Need to Know
Amendments to The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LA FOIP) came into effect last year. In this webinar, Ronald Kruzeniski, QC, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Diane Aldridge, Director of Compliance (Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner), and Steven Dribnenki, Legal Services (SUMA), talked about best practices for responding to access requests and duties in protecting personal information.

Watch the webinar.


To develop or update the access to information policy in your municipality, check out some guidelines from the Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner.

April 16, 2019

SUMA webinar: What To Do When You're Sued
Being taken to court can be stressful and confusing – it’s hard trying to properly respond to allegations while navigating the litigation process. In this webinar, Jennifer Pereira, QC, talked about the best responses to lawsuits, and what you can do to protect your municipality, prepare your case, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

April 3, 2019

SUMA webinar: Toward Parity at the Council Table
At Convention 2019, the education session "Women in the Game" (session E6 and E12) highlighted the vital role women have on council. But a SUMA study of newly elected council members in 2016 found that women only occupy 14 per cent of mayors positions and 28 per cent of councillors' seats in Saskatchewan. In this webinar, Stephanie Hoey, project manager for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Toward Parity in Municipal Politics initiative, talked about a move to greater equality and asked attendees for input on how to overcome barriers to participation in municipal politics. 

Click here for a free recording of this webinar.

March 19, 2019

SUMA webinar: Construction Procurement Tips and Traps
With summer construction season coming up - make sure your project procurement is  set up for success. In this webinar, Mark Yemen of McDougall Gauley LLP shared insights gained from working on municipal construction projects across the province and talked best project procurement practices. 

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Included with this webinar are templates for request for proposals and invitations to tender. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.

February 26, 2019

SUMA webinar: Preventing Workplace Harassment
Is your workplace safe and harassment free? The Saskatchewan Employment Act places a legal duty on all employers, supervisors, and workers to ensure a harassment-free workplace. In this webinar, Ocupational Health and Safety representatives Susan Boan and Mike Luciak talked about harassment prevention and making sure your workplace policies are up to date. 

A recording of this webinar is unfortunately unavailable, but here is a slightly shortened version of the PowerPoint and a harassment prevention guide. More information on bullying and harassment in the workplace can be found here.  

January 22, 2019

SUMA webinar: How to Make Tax Collecting Less Taxing
Struggling with a complex tax enforcement issue? Want to avoid taking a property? In this webinar, lawyers Kim Anderson, QC, and James Steele talked about how to collect on those hard cases and options beyond The Tax Enforcement Act.

Contact us to purchase the recording of this webinar. Cost for members is $45; non-member cost is $75.