Convention 2021 is going VIRTUAL

Sep 10, 2020

The 116th Annual Convention will be held online February 7-10, 2021.

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, SUMA's Convention Planning Committee made the decision to transition to a virtual event for 2021 to ensure that representatives from Saskatchewan’s hometowns can still come together in February to network, learn, and advocate for the betterment of Saskatchewan’s communities.

The theme of Convention 2021 is Stronger Together. COVID-19 has shown that while municipal leaders can’t physically be together, they can still work together to build stronger communities by sharing information and acting with one voice to ensure Saskatchewan’s hometowns have the resources they need.

While many have probably attended webinars, online workshops, and other virtual meetings, Convention 2021 will be much more.

The virtual platform used by SUMA will give attendees the chance to:

  • Attend keynote and education sessions in a virtual environment designed to make participants feel like they’re sitting among peers

  • Interact with provincial officials

  • Connect with other attendees

  • Browse the Municipal Marketplace and speak with exhibitors face-to- face

  • Access additional educational content - like Netflix, but with content designed for municipal government

Further information will be sent out in coming weeks. SUMA is also working on a FAQ page to answer questions.