Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities Workshop - North

November 23, 2016

A Module of the Municipal Leadership Development Program

Brian King Centre - 202 8th Avenue North, Warman, SK.

9:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.


While SUMA staff are touring the province for regional meetings (see the full schedule at the bottom of the page), we will also offer two Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities (MLRR) workshops — formerly known as Newly Elected Workshops. This is one of the modules for the Municipal Leadership Development Program (MLDP), developed exclusively for elected and appointed municipal leaders in Saskatchewan. New and returning elected council members, and municipal staff are encouraged to take in this valuable session. We'll be covering the basics of municipal governance through these topics:

  • Urban Councils and Council Meeting: This section will discuss how urban councils can work effectively together. Participants will also learn the keys to successful council meetings. 
  • The Council-Administration Dynamic: The council-administration relationship may be the most essential one to the success of your urban government. Understanding the role and responsibilities the council as policy makers and how it differs from the role of your administration, goes a long way to making this relationship work.  
  • Wise Stewardship: Council is responsible for being a wise steward of your urban government’s assets. This section will explore what this means, and how you can contribute to building a better future for your community.
  • Municipal Law: Understanding the key elements of law that may impact your urban government is an important step in getting comfortable as a new member of council. This section will include discussion on liability, conflict of interest, and other relevant legal issues.
  • SUMA and UMAAS: This section will involve a brief discussion on the roles that SUMA and UMAAS play, and how these two associations can help you to be more effective in leading your urban government.

The registration fee for this event is $65. Register for this extremely valuable workshop today to make sure you get a spot! Registration closes November 9, 2016.