CentralSource Partners

Western Asphalt


Western Asphalt manufacturers emulsified asphalt for use in pavement preservation and recycling asphalt. They offer crack sealant rentals for local municipalities to use with their own forces and cold mix in both bags and bulk for potholes . Their core belief is using asphalt emulsions for early preventative road maintenance is the key to the longevity of our infrastructure. Asphalt emulsions can reduce lifecycle costs, carbon emissions & minimize natural resource consumption with the latest recycling technology.

Western Asphalt will work with purchasing agents and provide technical assistance to efficiently and economically design, build and maintain infrastructure needs. They can help you choose the right emulsion, material and construction method at the right time for the most economical solution. Custom tailored educational seminars at our Emulsion Terminals are offered, as well as personal visits to local agencies.

Please contact Dean Arnill at 780-796-3437 or Adam Mahaney at 204-725-9538.