Managing Waste: Funding and Stewardship

Managing Waste: Funding and Stewardship


June 19, 2024


On June 19 at 10:00 a.m. join us for the webinar Managing Waste: Funding and Stewardship.

Presented by the Ministry of Environment speakers will provide information on the Impacted Sites Fund, waste stewardship and recycling programs, and solid waste management. Hear how the Impacted Site Fund provides financial support to municipal governments to clean up abandoned, environmentally impacted sites and what information your municipality needs to apply.

Presenters will also discuss the progress that has been made since the Solid Waste Management Strategy was released in early 2020, how municipalities have been engaging with this strategy, and how they can continue to be an active participant in waste reduction. Building on SUMA’s latest webinar with MMSW, the conversation will continue regarding Extended Producer Responsibility and how it affects municipalities. The ministry will also provide information on management of inert waste, landfill construction, groundwater monitoring, transfer station code chapter, and compost facility requirements.

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Sponsored by SUMAssure, this webinar is free for all SUMA members to attend. Non SUMA members can attend for $45 + GST. 

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