Service Award Recipients

Each year, SUMA’s Board of Directors recognizes individuals from across the province who have demonstrated a commitment to outstanding service in the municipal field.

The Board accepts nominations from communities and councils throughout the province. The individuals nominated are considered the most deserving of recognition for their outstanding service to their communities.

SUMA was proud to honour these individuals at the 2022 Convention and Tradeshow for their outstanding contributions to the development and prosperity of our communities and urban governments in Saskatchewan. 


Meritorious service awards are granted to municipal staff members with 20 or more years of service. It recognizes their career success, dedication, and involvement in their local communities.

Eric Bilanski
Town of Battleford
30 years

Eric joined the town of Battleford’s team on July 2,1992. He is punctual, a great team player and a very hard-working person. Eric is always smiling and gets along with all the staff. He has great management skills, and his service is an asset to the community.

Eric’s contribution and dedication to serve his community is over the top.


Murray Chalk
City of Swift Current
21 years

Murray Chalk started working at the City of Swift Current October 16, 2000, in the waterworks department.

Throughout his 21 year career with the city, Murray has moved around within the waterworks department and is currently a water service operator, a position he has held for approximately five years.

Murray has volunteered within the community, helping with the annual Frontier Days and the Summer Games. He has been involved with various sports activities over the years.

Murray has lived in Swift Current all his life and has become a well-known figure among the residents of Swift Current and area. He has been recognized for his selfless ability to help those in need both at his job and outside of work and is dedicated to his family.


Judy Cooper
Town of Moosomin
20 years

Judy accepted the treasurer position with Moosomin and District Fire Department in January 2002.

She took over from Enid Jensen, who had been treasurer for over 40 years and handpicked Judy to be her successor. Judy grew up around the fire hall while her father was an active member for over 55 years, and currently serves alongside her husband Michael and future son in law Tyler.

Judy enjoys her contribution to the department in the financial capacity, tracking hours, donations and assisting with various fundraising activities


Michael Cooper
Town of Moosomin
29 years

Michael joined Moosomin and District Fire Department in 1993. Over the years Michael has held the following positions within the department - 3rd deputy, 1st deputy, Captain and Deputy Chief.

Michael received the Fire Services Exemplary Services medal for 20 years of service in 2013 and the Saskatchewan Protective services medal in 2019.

Michael has attended many training opportunities over the years at Brandon Fire College and in many towns in the area that were doing training included but not limited to vehicle extrication, oil well fires and hazmat, search and rescue, ice water rescue, and First Aid (CPR).

Michael loves doing fire prevention with the local school children and remains a loyal, dedicated and active member of the department.


Darren Cronan
Village of Montmartre
28 years

Darren Cronan has been actively involved in the community of Montmartre, and provincially in the water treatment industry since beginning his role as Village Foreman in September 1994.

He has provided numerous years of service with the following organizations: Montmartre Arena, past President; Montmartre Golf Club, current board member; Saskatchewan Water & Wastewater Association, past President; Voluntary Operator Certification Board of Saskatchewan (Water & Wastewater); Montmartre Volunteer Fire Department current member & past Chief; Kemoca Regional Park; Montmartre Curling Club; Minor Ball coach; Montmartre Health Fund, fundraising committee; and Montmartre & District Lions Club, past President.


Kathy Dand
City of Swift Current
21 years

Kathy’s employment with the City of Swift Current began in the Recreation and Parks Department in August 2000 with part-time clerical and seasonal labourer positions at the Aquatic Centre, City Hall, and the Chinook Golf Course.

In 2003, she obtained a full-time clerical position with the Engineering Department. Gaining skills and education in CAD/GIS technology, property development, and land use planning, Kathy’s career with the City has progressed with positions as Draftsperson in 2007, Engineering & Planning Assistant in 2009, and her current position as the Development Officer for the City’s Planning and Growth Development Division, which she has held since 2013.

Kathy enjoys spending leisure time relaxing with books, a big screen tv, and motorcycle travels with her husband Ryan. Since his retirement last year, Kathy is now relishing the fruits of Ryan’s labour in the kitchen.


Cindy Davis
Town of Creighton
20 years

Cindy Davis started working at the Town of Creighton as Recreation Director in May of 2001. She moved from the Recreation Department into the Administration Office in 2008. She then took over the payroll position and in 2015 she moved into the Assistant Administrator position, the position she still holds and loves today.

Cindy also dedicates and enjoys time volunteering for community events. She is married to Scott and they have two children, Austyn and Evin.

When she's not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors, on the lake or at the cabin. She loves reading and spending time with family and friends.



Ken Dobra
Town of Grenfell
31 years

Ken Dobra joined the Grenfell Fire Department in May 1989. When he retired in May of 2020, he was the Training Officer. Ken was also the Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (SVFFA) for ten years.


Gary Edom
Town of Davidson
35 years

Gary’s quiet, supportive, efficient manner led the Town of Davidson through 35 years of service.

A few of the projects that stick out in his mind as proud moments for the town are the new water treatment plant with reverse osmosis system, a new landfill, decommissioning the old landfill, opening a new fire hall and a Vet Clinic, the creation of a new residential subdivision, doctor recruitment and retention, the opening of a new Communiplex and new swimming pool, and the campground expansion.

Many people have come and gone in the 35 years Gary was with the Town of Davidson. He worked with approximately eight mayors, 48 councillors, four assistant administrators and numerous staff. Gary was supportive and patient with both new council and seasoned staff, and everyone knew they could always count on Gary to be there for them.


Larry Gabruch
Town of Battleford
41 years

Chief Larry Gabruch joined the town of Battleford’s team on New Year’s Day 1981.

Chief Gabruch is an asset to the town of Battleford, serving for 41 years and counting as both a leader and a team player in the fire department and a volunteer in the community. He’s very hard-working and serves the community with a smile.


Ken Hamnett
Town of  Grenfell
29 years

Ken Hamnett joined the Grenfell Fire Department in March 1991. In December 1995, he was named Assistant Fire Chief, a position he held until his retirement in June 2020.


Les Herle
Town of Battleford
28 years

Les Herle joined the team at the Town of Battleford on May 30, 1994. Les is the town grader operator and waste management team supervisor.  He is an excellent team player and motivator for his team. He has also served his community as a volunteer in many events.


Noreen Hoffart
Town of Battleford
32 years

Noreen joined town of Battleford’s team on October 17,1989. She is very punctual, a great team player, and is always smiling and serving our community. She gets along great with all the staff.

Noreen’s contribution and dedication to serve the community is over the top.


Susan Jabs
Town of Watrous
39 years

Susan Jabs dedicated 39 years of service to the Town of Watrous as the assistant administrator. Susan positively impacted the community throughout her career providing leadership in numerous community groups and events.


Clay Kardash
Town of Grenfell
20 years

Clay joined the Grenfell Fire Department in December 2001 and continues to serve today.


Michael Kardash
Town of Grenfell
20 years

Michael Kardash joined the Grenfell Fire Department in September 2001. In October 2007, he was named Assistant Fire Chief. He held this position for for one year and ten months. In December 2008, he was named Deputy Fire Chief. Michael is also a certified IFSAC Fire Service Instructor 1 NFPA 1041.


Dalas King
Town of Outlook
20 years

He has worked tirelessly in the department and now holds the title of Fire Chief. He has been in this role for the last 12 years.

Dalas is dedicated to the fire department, the Town of Outlook, and the surrounding area. He works hard to ensure that we all feel safe and protected knowing that the Outlook Volunteer Fire Department is always ready and well trained thanks to Dalas’ efforts as Fire Chief. Thank you Dalas for your service and sacrifices for the Town of Outlook and surrounding communities.


Kendra Klassen
City of Swift Current
20 years

Kendra began her employment with the City of Swift Current on July 23, 2001 as a distribution clerk in the Light and Power Department. Her role has diversified throughout the years to include taking over meter reading in 2019. She is also responsible for the Christmas displays seen throughout the city every year. Kendra has been married to "Hank the Hit Man" for the past 24 years and has three beautiful boys.


Shayne LaMontagne
Town of Regina Beach
26 years

Shayne has been a member of the Town of Regina Beach Fire Department since he was eligible to join.

He became Fire Chief in 2009, given little more than two bags of items and the keys to the fire hall. It was placed in good hands however, as Shayne has built up the fire department not only in reputation but in quality equipment, training, and future planning.

He currently serves as 1st Vice President on the SAFC Board of Directors. Regina Beach would like to recognize and thank Shayne for his significant and ongoing dedication to service in the community.


Luke Lockhart
Town of Outlook
20 years

Luke has been with the Town of Outlook for the last 20 years.

He started in September of 2001. He has worked in various positions with the Town starting in the recreation department and is now the Superintendent of Municipal Operations. Luke is also the Deputy Fire Chief of the Outlook Volunteer Fire Department.

Luke works tirelessly and is always willing to go above and beyond his duties for the town of Outlook and the surrounding communities. Luke demonstrates great determination, effort, and abilities in his role. He also inspires and motivates the people around him and is willing to sacrifice his own time to better this community and the surrounding area. We look forward to seeing what Luke will accomplish in the future.


 Bernadette Leslie
Town of Battleford
42 years

Bernadette joined the town of Battleford’s team on January 4, 1980.

Bernadette is a great team player who works very hard and gets along with everyone. She’s punctual, friendly, and extremely dedicated to serving her community through both her job and volunteering in the community.


Joe Matichuk
Town of Moosomin
35 years

Joe joined Moosomin and District Fire Department in 1986.

He received his level 1 firefighter certificate from the Brandon Fire College in 1990. Joe held the position of 2nd deputy from 1990-2016.

Joe received his Fire Services Exemplary Service medals for 20 years in 2006 and 30 years in 2016, and the Saskatchewan Protective services medal in 2019.

In the mid 1990’s, Joe was the contractor in charge of the first of our fire hall additions given his construction background. Joe remains a loyal and active member of the department.


Blaine McDonald
Town of Grenfell
20 years

Blaine joined the Eston Fire Department in October 2001 and was a member of the department until May 2006. While with Eston, he was named Fire Prevention Training Officer.

In June 2006, he joined the Grenfell Fire Department. Blaine is presently the Safety Officer for the Grenfell Fire Department.


Robert Moran
Town of Moosomin
50 years

Robert Moran joined the Leroy Fire Department in 1972, serving for six years before being transferred to Richardson Grain Company at Moosomin, SK.

Robert joined the Moosomin Fire Department and was immediately active in all training. He was also involved with Stars Air Ambulance. Robert received the Saskatchewan Protective Service Medal in 2019.

Robert is still a very active member of the Moosomin & District Fire Department. As of 2022, he has been a Volunteer Fireman for 50 years. The Moosomin Fire Department is an up to date and busy department being on Highway #1.




Alice Neufeld
City of Weyburn
34 years

Alice has been a dedicated employee of the City of Weyburn and has positively impacted the community immensely through her years of leadership. Alice played a major role in ensuring high quality arts and culture programming would be provided to the community.


Greg Nosterud
Town of Moosomin
36 years

Greg Nosterud joined the Moosomin Fire Department in the spring of 1985.

Since then, he has participated in several classes to improve his abilities. Through out the years he has completed classes in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. His transcripts in Manitoba range from the years 1989-2007. He has completed the following courses: Fire Fighting Practice Level II 1989, Fire Service Instructor LI 1989, Hazardous Materials Awareness 2002, Hazardous Materials Operation 2003, Emergency Services Instructor Level I 2004, Ground Search & Rescue Team Leader 2004, Ground Search and Rescue Basic 2004, Certified Emergency Services Instructor 2007. He also has taken a Vehicle Extrication Course in 1992 in Saskatchewan.

After several years of advancing his training, Greg became the Ground Search and Rescue Coordinator for the Oak Lake Mutual Aid District in Manitoba from 2010 to 2012.

He received the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal and the Distinguished Service Medal.

Greg continues to serve with the Moosomin Fire Department today.


Jim Pratt
Town of Grand Coulee
31 years

Jim has dedicated himself to the municipality of Grand Coulee for more than 30 years.

As town foreman and volunteer fire chief, his contributions to the community go far beyond the call of duty. Since starting with the town in September 1990, Jim has served alongside a number of administrators, trained numerous staff and volunteer fire fighters, and supported many elected officials.

During his lengthy career Jim has overseen the installation of the gravity sewer system, been a part of the community growing from a Village to a Town, and through it all has been an absolute pleasure to work with.


Susan Pyette
Town of Outlook
20 years

Susan has worked for the Town of Outlook since 2001.

During that time, she has shown great dedication and hard work by ensuring that the Town’s Civic Center is always in good working condition and is available to use to support the people and events of the community.

Susan is retiring this year and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours. She will be missed.


Wendall Runns
Town of Indian Head
22 years

Wendall has been employed with the Town of Indian Head for 22 years.

From the very beginning Wendall showed an extreme willingness to learn, take courses, acquire certificates and put all of his knowledge to work. Wendall quickly moved up the ranks as a leader within the Public Works Department, becoming the Assistant Town Foreman in 2008.

The Town of Indian Head is very fortunate to have this dedicated employee who is always willing to tackle any job given to him. Wendall's leadership, work ethic and knowledge has always been greatly appreciated by the Town of Indian Head.


Marty Salberg
City of Swift Current
22 years

Marty grew up in the City of Swift Current where he graduated from the local high school in 1984. After graduation, he spent five years at the University of Saskatchewan where he earned a Public Administration Degree, followed by a certificate in local government.

Marty began his career in economic development more than 25 yeas ago. He worked as the Director of Business Development for the City of Swift Current for 19 years, after which he took on the role of General Manager of Planning and Growth Development, where he has been for the past three years.

Marty and his wife Sandy have two children: son Liam who is 19 and is studying at the University of Lethbridge and daughter Jordyn who is 17 and is finishing up grade 12. Marty and his family enjoy lake life during the summer and hitting the mountains in the winter.


Cameron Silzer
City of Swift Current
21 years

Cameron started his employment with the City of Swift Current on August 8, 2000 as a seasonal for the Parks Department.

On December 4, 2000 he became the Irrigation Technician for the Parks Department. On February 2, 2004 he moved to a labourer position with the Waterworks Department. In 2005, he became a pipelayer’s helper and a lift station operator in 2007.

In January 2009 Cameron became the Superintendent of the Waterworks Department and held that position until February 2018 when he became the Manager of Public Works. He is currently the Manager of Transportation.

Cameron is married to Gail; they both enjoy the outdoors hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing.



Greg Smith
Town of Grenfell
37 years

Greg joined the Broadview Fire Department in June 1977 and was a member for four years. In May 1988, he joined the Grenfell Fire Department and in May 1992 was named Deputy Fire Chief, a position he held for 13 years and eight months. From January 2006 to September 2013 Greg held the position of Fire Chief. In September 2013, Greg accepted the position of Assistant Fire Chief which he still holds today.


Dwayne Stone
Town of Grenfell
35 years

Dwayne Stone joined the Grenfell Fire Department in May 1986. In December 2008, he was named Assistant Fire Chief. In September 2013, he accepted the position of Fire Chief for the Town of Grenfell.

For the past ten years, Dwayne has been a certified IFSAC Fire Service Instructor 1 NFPA 1041 and a Board Member for the Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighters Association.


Jack Thompson
Town of Moosomin
35 years

Jack joined the Moosomin and District Fire Department in 1986.

Over the past 30+ years, Jack has held the positions of 3rd Deputy and Safety Officer. Jack has been the department secretary since 2002.

He received his Level 1 Firefighter Certificate from the Brandon Fire College in 1990. He also received his Fire Services Exemplary Service Medals for 20 years in 2006 and 30 years in 2016. In 2019, Jack received his Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal.

Jack joined the fire department as a young, eager individual and remains someone who believes in team work to protect, preserve and assist the public in whatever situations are put before members of the department. He has spent many hours in training for all aspects of firefighting.


Honorary service awards are granted to elected officials throughout the province with 20 or more years of service. It recognizes their long‑term dedication to, and involvement in, their local communities.


Edmund Collins
Town of Watrous
32 years

Ed Collins has dedicated 32 years of community service to the Town of Watrous, serving 9 years as a town councillor followed by 23 years as mayor before retiring from those duties in 2020.

Ed participated in every imaginable community board, committee, service club, special event and initiative including several at the regional level. He continues to be active in community service along with sport culture and recreational activities throughout the area.


Barry Elderkin
Town of Maple Creek
25 years

In 2013, Mr. Barry Elderkin was named Maple Creek’s Citizen of the Year, with recognition given for his time serving as a councillor and for his volunteer work with multiple community groups and organizations, including the Southwest Healthcare Trust Board, Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan, and Cypress Credit Union’s Board of Directors (where he has sat as chairman for 35 years).

After 25 years of service to the Town of Maple Creek, Mr. Elderkin retired in November 2020.

A year later, he commented his time as a councillor was a “character-building experience,” and stated that he misses it greatly.


Gail Erhart
Town of Asquith
21 years

Gail has been a pillar of the Town of Asquith, serving on council for the past 21 years. She was a councillor for fifteen years and has been mayor for the past six. She has contributed to the community in various ways over the years and continues to do so. She is much appreciated by community members, as well as her fellow council members.


Bernard Flynn
Village of Beechy
29 years

Councillor Flynn was an instrumental part of the Village of Beechy as a Councillor and Deputy Mayor for 29 years.

His dedication to the betterment of the community rippled through many projects and continues to impact Beechy, making it a better place. Councillor Flynn had heavy involvement in street paving throughout the community, the Rural Development Corporation and Coteau Hills Rural Water Pipeline, the Beechy Motel, Prairie Lake Regional Park, and the construction of the Beechy Community Hall.

Councillor Flynn was also a valuable member and chair of the Beechy and District Fire Council. The Village of Beechy would like to thank Councillor Flynn for his many years of dedication to the community.


Kenneth (Ken) Klemenz
Town of Ogema
27 years

Ken Klemenz is a valuable asset and has helped the Town of Ogema grow as a community. He worked tirelessly as a leader on the reverse osmosis plant and lagoon projects as well as serving on the landfill committee and as a volunteer firefighter.

Ken worked at many fundraisers for the community: for 36 years he has volunteered at the beef BBQ and has also lent his time to the community auction and the train station restoration. He helped move the motel to town and worked tradeshows with Ogema Economic Development Committee.

Ken was involved in the community as a hockey coach and school board member with his two children. He runs his own construction business and also helped his wife Bev with her business.


Greg Linnen
Town of Wadena
20 years

For many years, Greg Linnen has been a pillar of the Wadena community. In addition to his twenty years of service as Mayor and Councillor, he has been involved with a multitude of community groups and organizations, some (but not nearly all) of which include the Kin Club, Rec Hockey and other community sports, the Hall Committee, the Chamber of Commerce, and church volunteerism, as well as being fundamental in the creation of the Health Action Group and The Wadena and Area Health Foundation. Never shy with a smile and a handshake, Greg’s warmth and hard work radiates throughout our community.


Leonard Margolis
Town of Kinistino
49 years

Leonard was best known for his service to his hometown of Kinistino. He served as councillor 1965-1967, 1974-1981, and as Mayor from 1982 until his passing in 2021. He was also very involved in numerous committees, boards, sports organizations and anything else that he thought would make Kinistino a better place to live for everyone.

Leonard’s civic accomplishments are too numerous to list, but include pavement throughout the entire town, construction of the 1975 sports complex, the paddling pool, the town pumphouse, an upgrade of the sewer system, joining the rural water pipeline and launch of the Community Centre Construction Project.

We extend our congratulations and gratitude to Leonard’s children, Kurt and Kari-Lyn, for Leonard’s 49 years of dedicated service.



Neil McDonald
Town of Watrous
20 years

Neil McDonald was a Councillor for the town of Watrous from 2000 to 2020, retiring from elected duties after 20 years. Neil made significant contributions to numerous boards and committees during his time as an elected official providing sound governance and financial expertise.


Rod Wolfe
Town of Grenfell
21 years

Rod Wolfe was elected to Town Council on November 2, 2000, serving for 15 years before being elected Mayor of the Town of Grenfell in 2016. He was appointed Mayor by acclamation in the 2019 Election.

Mayor Wolfe devotes himself to the leadership of the Council, the staff, and various community groups and organizations. During his terms in office, Mayor Wolfe has led the way forward on the Grenfell and District Pioneer Home Level IV, the Grenfell Recreation Park pool renovation, the new subdivision of Switzer Place, and the Bulk Water-Tourist Booth.



The Scoop Lewry Award was donated by L.H. “Scoop” Lewry, long-time Mayor of Moose Jaw and SUMA President in 1956-57. This award, first presented in 1975, is dedicated to his memory. Scoop dedicated his career to improving his community with a kind and humanitarian spirit.
It is presented to an elected official, administrator, SUMA official, personnel in the Ministry of Government Relations, or personnel in First Nations and Métis Relations who has demonstrated a higher standard for public engagement and outstanding contribution to the field of municipal politics through outstanding service in the local, provincial, and federal context, volunteer work and improvement in their communities, and serving on numerous boards and committees.


2022 Scoop Lewry Recipient                        Mike O'Donnell
Former City Councillor, City of Regina

In 2006, Mike O’Donnell ran for council in the city of Regina to be a part of and influence the community, and to look after the people who call Regina home.

Mike spent 14 years serving Regina as Ward 8 councillor, sitting four consecutive terms before electing not to seek re-election in 2020. During his time on council, there were many notable moments and accomplishments for the city, but two that Mike holds close are his opportunity to chair two national infrastructure summits, and chairing the host committee for the Olympic Torch Relay - an event that saw 10,000 attendees, including the president and CEO of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, John Furlong.

Mike chaired the Infrastructure Summit when the federal government announced they would change the funding method for infrastructure and give money directly to municipalities.  Everyone in municipal government understands the importance of having municipal voices at the table and for municipalities to have as much say as possible in the matters that affect them directly. Infrastructure is one of those matters.

Other notable accomplishments during Mike’s time at the City of Regina council table included coordinating the partnership and financing for Leibel Field, a state of the art facility for outdoor football and soccer currently valued at $11 million; championing a review and change  to school zone safety; chairing the Henry Baker Scholarship Committee, where Regina city council recognized 17 post-secondary students with $2,000 scholarships; chairing the finance committee for development and construction of Mosaic stadium; chairing the Regina Planning Commission for nine years; championing the Smart Cities approach and being an early promoter of sustainable development for the City, and spending 12 years as a member of the Board for the Wascana Centre Authority.

Mike joined the SUMA Board of Directors in 2012, spending eight years in that role and serving on the Executive for a number of those. He was a well-known face at SUMA’s annual convention, moderating the Bear Pit with government officials for a few years before transitioning to chair the Resolutions committee, and therefore serving as a moderator at the Resolutions session.

With his federal experience, it was a natural transition for Mike to sit on the board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, as well. He considered his five years experience on that board to be an excellent opportunity to bring back information to both his local council and the SUMA board, and in that way, ensure that municipalities in Saskatchewan had a say in what was going on at the federal level.

A lifelong volunteer, Mike began coaching neighbourhood teams at 18. Throughout his career as a teacher, he coached at the high school and university levels. For Mike, it was not about winning or losing, rather, giving the kids the experience of being a part of a team. He has received several awards relating to coaching, including the Saskatchewan Highschool’s Athletic Association’s Merit Award (x2), Prairie Thunder Football Club Community Award, Regina Rams coaching staff of the year Award, the Wascana Kiwanis Dad of the Year, and was inducted into the Regina Sports Hall of Fame as a builder in 2021.

Congratulations on your Scoop Lewry Award win, Mike.