LED Lighting

Year: 2018


Whereas SaskPower is the main supplier of electricity to small urban communities; and

Whereas SaskPower is undertaking a strategy of energy conservation; and

Whereas it is costly to Saskatchewan’s hometowns to pay for community lighting;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate SaskPower to convert all existing street lighting to LED at SaskPower’s own cost, as soon as possible.

Provincial Response

SaskPower supports SUMA's resolution and has already started the process by conducting a pilot project in Saskatoon and Regina to see how LED street lights performed in a variety of situations. The plan is to convert all existing street lights managed by SaskPower to LED as a part of a capital conversion program. The conversion will occur over the span of 10 years. SaskPower will continuously assess and look for opportunities to complete the work in a shorter time frame. Municipalities can expect to hear from SaskPower in a timely manner about when the work will be done in their area.