2023-09. RCMP Additional Administrative Staff

Year: 2023


Whereas RCMP detachments must provide law enforcement services to wide and far-reaching areas, which requires the support of administrative staff; and

Whereas the amount of administrative staff has been insufficient for various areas.

Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate the Provincial Government and Federal Government for additional financial support to have more administrative staff hired to support RCMP members and so the RCMP may have an increased presence throughout areas under their jurisdiction.


Acts affected: None

Regions/Sectors: ALL

Provincial Response

Dear President Goulden:

Thank you for your letter of May 11, 2023, in which you advised on several recent SUMA resolutions, including the issue of RCMP administrative support in detachments. As you are aware, the government of Saskatchewan is committed to supporting public safety in a province, including supporting our RCMP and municipal police services.

We feel it's important to establish that in this 2023-24 budget the Government provided over $218 million dollars to the RCMP for provincial policing including $355K for enhancement and expansion to the RCMP Division Operational Communication Centre (DOCC). This expansion will see five more dedicated radio communications members in the DOCC to manage 911 calls and RCMP operational responses to calls for service. In addition, we are providing over $18M in funding for policing in our First Nation communities.

Nevertheless, the RCMP and officials from the ministry are regularly in discussion as to what resources the RCMP may require assisting them in meeting their obligations under the Provincial Police Service Agreement (PPSA). In fact, the RCMP and the ministry are having these conversations at this very moment. Once those conversations occur the ministry officials will bring forward those requests for consideration through the normal budgetary process and presentation to Treasury Board in the fall.

 One important point to make involves communities that are currently under a Municipal Police Service Agreement (MPSA). As I am     sure you are aware these communities are not part of the PPSA. There currently are eight in Saskatchewan. Communities under an   MPSA can increase their specific number of RCMP members or municipal employees that provide administrative support as they         deem necessary. This is not reliant on the province to sanction in any way. This may be helpful to some of your communities who   would like to see an increase in either of these going into the future and may believe that the authority from the province is required.

Going forward, I look forward to continued engagement and discussion with SUMA on policing matters and our common goal of having safe and secure communities for all in Saskatchewan. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.



Christine Tell

Minister of Corrections, Policing, and Public Safety

Federal Response

March 6, 2024

Dear Randy Goulden:

Thank you for your correspondence dated January 9, 2024, with regards to the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and its recent resolution that advocates for additional financial support to hire additional administrative staff to support Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Members within the Province of Saskatchewan.

Under the Provincial Police Service Agreements (PPSA), the Provincial Minister – in consultation with the Commissioner of the RCMP – determines the level of policing service and resources required to maintain public and officer safety. As per Article 5 of the PPSA, upon receipt of a written request and confirmation of the corresponding financial commitment from the Provincial Minister, Canada will increase the number of support staff as soon as practicable within one year from the date of the request.

Likewise, under the Municipal Police Service Agreements, the Chief Executive Officer (i.e., the mayor, reeve, warden, or other elective head of the municipality) determines the level of policing service and resources to be provided by the Municipal Police Service. In this case, the municipality will provide all necessary support staff.

Since SUMA is not a contract holder, I would encourage you to communicate the concerns around the level of administrative staff in your respective municipalities directly with the RCMP. A request for additional administrative staff must come from either the Province or the municipality. However, for the contract holder to put an Article 5 request through to the Federal Minister for additional resources, at the appropriate cost-share ratio, SUMA may consult with the RCMP in Saskatchewan, the Provincial Minister, and/or the municipality.

We recognize that all communities are challenged by growing policing costs, as well as pressures on our officers to keep communities safe. Canada remains steadfast in its commitment to continue collaborating with

Provinces, Territories and municipalities that are policed by the RCMP and to support them under the provisions of the Police Service Agreements.

Thank you for writing on this important matter. I appreciate your ongoing collaboration.


Yours sincerely,


The Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, P.C., K.C., M.P.


c.c.:   Talal Dakalbab

Senior Assistant Deputy Minister Crime Prevention Branch

Public Safety Canada

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