2023-05. Contacting Emergency Services Through 911

Year: 2023


Whereas in a state of emergency, a municipality may no longer reach the Emergency Service Operator (“ESO”) by calling 911, but rather must call their respective ESO; and

Whereas time is of the essence in an emergency situation, 911 is a familiar and accessible number, and municipalities may not be aware of the number to call to reach their ESO.

Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency to return to the former policy where, in an emergency, an ESO can be dispatched by calling 911 and declaring a state of emergency


Acts affected: None

Regions/Sectors: ALL

Provincial Response

        Dear Randy Goulden:

Resolution 2023-05: Contacting Emergency Services Through 911

In response to resolution 2023-05 the SPSA Sask911 system provides Saskatchewan-wide access to 911 emergency call taking. 911 calling is available from landlines and payphones in Saskatchewan, and from cellphones and wireless devices if they are in range of a cell tower.

If you have an emergency, dial 911. Emergency calls for police, fire, rescue, or emergency medical services are taken by trained 911 operators. These trained call takers determine the nature of an emergency and transfer the call to an emergency police, fire rescue or medical dispatch operator for response.

During a state of emergency 911 is used to report an emergency. Follow up calls for assistance that are non-emergent would go to the SPSA at 1 800-667-9660 or contact one of the Response Centre Duty Officers or SPSA website Communities Requesting SPSA Assistance I SPSA




Christine Tell

Minister of Corrections, Policing, and Public Safety

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