Appointing Elders to Council

Year: 2022


Whereas SUMA and its member municipalities advocate, serve, and represent all residents of Saskatchewan’s urban and northern municipalities; and

Whereas we all have a moral duty to foster Truth and Reconciliation with members of our Indigenous peoples; and

Whereas members of Canada’s indigenous peoples continue to be underrepresented in political discourse; and

Whereas the Elders of our communities are the keepers of much of our history, and can provide context to many of our current endeavours; and

Whereas the Elder population of our municipalities are among the most likely to feel disenfranchised in their home communities in an increasingly online society;


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate the Government of Saskatchewan for the legislated ability for municipal councils to appoint non-voting Elder advisors to their councils in any upcoming amendments to The Cities Act, The Municipalities Act, and The Northern Municipalities Act.


ACTS AFFECTED: The Cities Act, The Municipalities Act, The Northern Municipalities Act