Appointing Elders to Council

Year: 2022


Whereas SUMA and its member municipalities advocate, serve, and represent all residents of Saskatchewan’s urban and northern municipalities; and

Whereas we all have a moral duty to foster Truth and Reconciliation with members of our Indigenous peoples; and

Whereas members of Canada’s indigenous peoples continue to be underrepresented in political discourse; and

Whereas the Elders of our communities are the keepers of much of our history, and can provide context to many of our current endeavours; and

Whereas the Elder population of our municipalities are among the most likely to feel disenfranchised in their home communities in an increasingly online society;


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate the Government of Saskatchewan for the legislated ability for municipal councils to appoint non-voting Elder advisors to their councils in any upcoming amendments to The Cities Act, The Municipalities Act, and The Northern Municipalities Act.


ACTS AFFECTED: The Cities Act, The Municipalities Act, The Northern Municipalities Act


Provincial Response

  • Government supports the efforts of Saskatchewan municipalities to engage and effectively represent Indigenous voices within their communities and to foster truth and reconciliation.
  • Municipal councils have several options to consult with Elders on municipal matters. Any municipality may include Elders as advisors on council and specify the role of external advisors in council meeting procedures. In addition, Elders may participate on council committees as either members or advisors, as per a council's approved terms of reference of a committee.
  • When the municipal Acts are next opened for review, the ministry would consider amendments that allow municipalities to appoint non-voting Elders to council. Some precedent for this already exists: The Cities Act (section 56.1), The Municipalities Act (section 82.1), and The Northern Municipalities Act, 2010 (section 102) enable a council to appoint a non-voting youth member.

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