Carbon Tax on Municipally-Owned Recreational and Cultural Facilities

Year: 2022


Whereas, urban municipalities across Saskatchewan operate recreational and cultural facilities with a deficit to ensure all members have access to the facilities; and

Whereas, many municipalities have taken initiatives to decrease the energy consumption in these facilities through equipment and lighting upgrades; and

Whereas, the carbon tax charged through SaskPower and SaskEnergy are creating increased operating costs to these facilities, which will continue to increase over the next several years; and

Whereas, municipalities will struggle to generate revenue to further improve energy consumption due to the increased costs associated with the carbon tax;


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate for the provincial government to include municipalities in their Prairie Resilience Strategy by creating a section in the plan for municipally-owned recreational and cultural facilities. This addition to the Prairie Resilience Strategy will focus on keeping the money paid by municipalities for carbon to be reinvested back into the recreation and cultural facilities by means of provincial grant money or facility rebates.




Provincial Response

Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Unit 305 - 4741 Parliament Avenue


June 14, 2022


Dear Randy Goulden:

Thank you for your letter regarding the resolutions passed at the 2022 Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) annual convention. I am pleased to offer the following responses:

2022-015. Carbon Tax on Municipally Owned Recreational and Cultural Facilities

The Government of Saskatchewan is encouraged to see municipalities taking part in initiatives to decrease energy consumption in their facilities through equipment and lighting upgrades. To support municipal energy efficiency and cost savings, our government offers programs including the Net Metering Program and Municipal Ice Rink Program through SaskPower, as well as commercial boiler and space and water heating rebate programs through SaskEnergy.

Saskatchewan has a plan to bring the federally imposed carbon tax under provincial control, to ensure that the revenues from the carbon tax stay in Saskatchewan and help our communities, workers and businesses increase their climate change resiliency.


I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your resolutions and look forward to working with SUMA to achieve our common goals.



Dana Skoropad, Minister of Environment


cc: Honourable Jeremy Cockrill, Minister of Highways

Honourable Jim Reiter, Minister of Energy and Resources

Mark Mcloughlin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment

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