Emergency Vehicle Lights

Year: 2022


Whereas emergency vehicles are operated under conditions and circumstances when there is a danger to life and property; and

Whereas the skills, foresight, and judgement required to operate such vehicles, often under extremely hazardous conditions, and where a speedy response is vital, is far above that required of other types of drivers; and

Whereas a speed limit of 60km/hr is required when passing an emergency vehicle with the exemption of a) if the vehicle is being driven on a divided highway, or b) the vehicle is travelling on the opposite roadway from the emergency vehicle as per Section 204(1) of The Traffic Safety Act.

Whereas the lighting currently used on emergency vehicles creates low visibility of emergency vehicles and traffic users fail to slow down when passing a scene; and

Whereas blue lighting is being installed on tow trucks in the province and the lighting creates higher visibility then amber or red lighting when traffic users pass emergency vehicles;


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) to have all emergency vehicles equipped with blue flashing lights when emergency vehicles are stopped on scene and that all emergency vehicles display flashing lights while on scene. This will ensure emergency vehicles are visible to all traffic users and ensure traffic users slow down when passing a scene.


ACTS AFFECTED: The Traffic Safety Act