Monitoring Water Quality in Lakes and Rivers

Year: 2021


Whereas water quality in our lakes and rivers is essential to agriculture, public health, First Nations treaty rights, fishing & recreation and Saskatchewan’s tourism industry; and


Whereas water quality in the Qu’Appelle River System and Last Mountain Lake continues to decline as evidenced by District of Katepwa residents and as indicated in this published article due-to-algae-global-warming-farm-run-off ; and


Whereas the Water Security Agency (WSA) stated in the Province’s response to the 2016 SUMA resolution sponsored by the Resort Village of Fort San intitled “Water Quality and Waste Management Monitoring” that “Information on surface water quality is currently available upon request from WSA, although details are not yet available online”; and


Whereas the WSA website references the document Surface Water Quality Objectives Interim Edition, EPB 356 dated June 2015 that includes Table 4.1 Surface Water Quality Objectives for the Protection of Aquatic Life and Table 4.1.1 Surface Water Quality Objectives for Total Ammonia for the Protection of Aquatic Life and Table 4.3 Surface Water Quality Objectives for Recreation and Aesthetics.


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate the Government of Saskatchewan to direct WSA to publish online quarterly, their or their contractor’s actual test results as compared to the stated objectives, for the parameters listed in each of the Tables from their June, 2015 EBP 356 Surface Water Quality Objectives document indicated above..




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