Community Involvement in Health Services

Year: 2020


Whereas health care is important to all citizens of Saskatchewan, regardless of if it is provided in tertiary, regional, or community-based hospitals; and

Whereas the recruitment and retention of health care professionals is difficult and has a dramatic effect on the ability of communities to provide acute health care services in towns and smaller cites in the province; and

Whereas communities at times are strongly encouraged to allow the health region to be solely responsible for these tasks;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the Minister of Health to improve the communication processes between the Saskatchewan Health Authority and local communities regarding all health services in the community;

Be it further resolved that the provincial government allow local communities to jointly participate with the Saskatchewan Health Authority in a proactive approach of recruitment and retention of health care staff to ensure all acute care services are maintained within the community;

Be it further resolved that those communities that engage in these actions across the province should be participants in maintaining the services in their communities.


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