Year: 2020


Whereas the SUMA (SUMA) and the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) each have over 100 years of experience in supporting Saskatchewan municipalities; and

Whereas SUMA and SARM share a common goal to enable strong, vibrant, and sustainable communities; and

Whereas the member municipalities of each association need to work more collaboratively together to deliver municipal infrastructure and services within and outside of their individual boundaries; and

Whereas SUMA and SARM themselves have recognized their need for greater collaboration, and have been able to reach consensus on many advocacy and program matters; and

Whereas the experiences in other province, such as British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario illustrate that having one association to represent all municipalities with a unified advocacy voice has a greater affect on federal and provincial governments; and

Whereas combining our respective advocacy resources would expand our influence, lower costs, and increase both associations sustainability; and

Whereas there is an opportunity for the associations to unite their efforts in providing group purchasing opportunities, and employee benefits so that instead of competing with each other they can improve services to their members, reduce costs, and provide the best possible pricing for their members, while combatting competition from the private sector so as to use the profits to fund other services and help municipalities;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA invite the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities to engage in exploratory discussions to merge the two associations into one new, unified, municipal association.


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