Energy East Pipeline

Year: 2016


Whereas the Energy East pipeline is integral to the economic prosperity of Western Canada and Canada in general; and

Whereas the pipeline will reduce Canada’s dependency on foreign oil;

Therefore be it resolved that SUMA write a letter to the Federal Minister of Transport in support of the construction of the Energy East pipeline.

Federal Response

The National Energy Board (NEB) is required to issue a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for interprovincial pipelines such as the Energy East Pipeline. In addition, the project must also undergo a federal environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. The NEB-led review process required to obtain the certificate will also be used to fulfill the federal environmental assessment requirements.

Transport Canada's responsibilities related to the Energy East project include marine safety and security, and navigation safety. Departmental officials will provide advice to the NEB throughout the federal review process for the proposed project.

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