Energy Efficient Street Lighting

Year: 2012


Whereas the Province of Saskatchewan is experiencing unprecedented growth in housing and infrastructure; and Whereas the Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SaskPower) is having to expend large amounts of money to expand their electrical generating capacity; and Whereas urban governments and their residents are tasked with paying power costs for urban street lighting; and Whereas costs to municipalities can be reduced through use of energy-efficient lighting; and Whereas energy-efficient lighting is available and has become cost-effective; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Government of Saskatchewan and SaskPower to implement a program whereby more efficient use of electricity for street lighting is encouraged and promoted within the Province of Saskatchewan.

Provincial Response

The technology, reliability and price for new LED street lighting products are rapidly changing and improving; however, there are hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers promoting their products to utilities and municipalities across North America with varying degrees of quality. Over the last few years SaskPower has reviewed, tested and installed a small group of light emitting diode (LED) streetlight fixtures and lighting control technology from major manufacturers. These fixtures and controls were operational for several months to determine their functionality over the extreme weather conditions experienced in Saskatchewan. These earlier LED designs did not compete well with existing SaskPower standards for streetlight fixtures using high pressure sodium vapour (HPS) lamps in our testing. SaskPower continues to research and review the advances in street lighting technology for reliability, safety and electricity savings for the future replacement of existing fixtures and the installation of new, efficient streetlights. In 2012 SaskPower will be installing and demonstrating street lighting control technology for energy savings in three communities in the province - the Village of Val Marie, the Prince Albert National Park and the Cypress Hills Provincial Park. In these communities, the lighting control technology will be applied to new fixtures using HPS lamps. These pilot demonstration projects will help in determining the potential for electricity savings. In 2013, SaskPower plans to install and conduct similar demonstration projects on streets in communities around the province using LED street lighting in conjunction with adaptive lighting control technology. The selection of communities and their associated streets for the demonstration projects has not been determined as of this date. Again, these projects will assist in determining the potential for electrical savings along with demonstrating the in-field operation of these products. Once SaskPower has selected new streetlight technologies for use throughout the province, rates will be developed which reflect the capital and operating costs (including energy use) of the new technologies. SaskPower is currently participating in a joint Canadian and U.S. electrical utilities project in developing a `best Practices Guide for Solid State Lighting (LEDs) and Adaptive Control Technologies for Street Lighting Utility Rates.` The results obtained after the demonstration projects and information gathered to develop the Best Practices Guide will assist SaskPower in the development of future streetlight rates. In addition to energy efficient lighting research, starting in the summer of 2011, SaskPower began a multi-year program to proactively conduct maintenance and equipment replacement on all 92,000 SaskPower maintained streetlights throughout the province. This program will improve streetlight operation and reliability for communities and their residents as well as support SaskPower's goals of reducing maintenance costs through efficient planned maintenance rather than reactive, corrective maintenance. As of February 24, 2012, SaskPower has performed Maintenance on approximately 10,000 streetlights under this program.

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