Make the Community Grant Program conditional

Year: 2013


Whereas money is issued to communities to distribute to non-profit groups for recreational and cultural purposes through the Community Grant Program; and Whereas there is a considerable amount of time and money spent by communities and SaskSport administering the regulations concerning how the money is allocated as well as tracking the expenditures for the various groups, and obtaining all of the documentation required to meet the reporting regulations; and Whereas there is no indication that these funds are misused by the benefitting municipalities; Therefore be it resolved that this program be changed so that the funds are simply converted to a conditional grant that is to be spent by the communities on recreational and cultural programs according to their own guidelines. Background: A lot of manpower is wasted by municipalities and SaskSport tracking all of these small grants issued to non-profit and volunteer groups because there is an assumption by the province that there is no accountability on the municipalities’ part to allocate or track the monies appropriately. The guidelines are too rigid and time consuming. The non-profit groups that are typically involved with these applications also have problems generating and submitting the paperwork in a timely manner, which then wastes additional time for the municipality when following up.

Provincial Response

Sask Sport uses standardized application and reporting guidelines for all municipalities. This assures all community groups have the same opportunity to access the program, and reporting standards are fair and consistent, regardless of a group's location. Government has confidence in the efficient and effective manner in which Sask Sport Manages the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program. Sask Sport's accountability standards are consistent with those required for the use of public funds. You may contact Kevin Gilroy, Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund Manager, at Sask Sport, (306) 780-9319 to discuss how participation in the program might be improved for Saskatchewan municipalities.

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