Expansion of SUMAdvantage program and group purchasing services

Year: 2013


Whereas Saskatchewan’s urban municipalities have the collective purchasing power of approximately two billion dollars for goods and services; and Whereas the accrued savings through group purchases for a larger number of municipalities is desirable and provides a business case to establish an expanded purchasing entity on behalf of municipalities in Saskatchewan; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA be requested to investigate expanded opportunities for municipal group purchasing to assist its members in realizing lower costs through co-operative procurement efforts, innovative programs, and enhanced services. Background: In 1999, the City of Weyburn recommended by resolution that the SUMA (SUMA) investigate the feasibility of providing bulk purchasing on behalf of municipalities. Through the SUMA Urban Marketplace, SUMAdvantage and SUMAssure, savings to members have been realized working with several providers of goods and services. Communities of Tomorrow has recently been investigating the viability of group municipal purchasing in conjunction with the City of Humboldt’s regional procurement initiative working with other RMs, towns, villages and cities. A number of success stories in reducing operational costs and improving levels of service include: banking fees and telephone costs; lower dust-control costs through larger bulk purchases of calcium chloride; and a regional tender for water pipe purchases. We believe more opportunities exist to bring savings to our communities through aggressive tendering and group purchasing services.

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