Railway Safety

Year: 2014


Whereas the recent derailment of a train in Lac-Megantic, Quebec caused the deaths of 47 people; and Whereas there have been several more train derailments in Gainford, Alberta, Sexsmith, Alberta, Landis, Saskatchewan, Jansen, Saskatchewan, Asquith, Saskatchewan and Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan, causing some of these towns to be evacuated; and Whereas principle main lines and secondary main line trains are allowed to travel at speeds exceeding 80 km per hour through villages and towns, and speeds exceeding 100 km per hour have been experienced in some urban centres; and Whereas insufficient regulation and enforcement of speed and other operational limits – including proper classification of cargo, engine maintenance to reduce super-heated carbon emission, and supervision of stationary train cars – lead to increased risks to public safety; and Whereas many cities, villages and towns have houses in close proximity to the railway that would be endangered if a train derailment occurred, putting many lives at risk; Therefore be it resolved that The SUMA cooperatively with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to lobby the federal Minister of Transport and Transport Canada to improve the regulation and enforcement of rail safety standards and operational limits that may directly affect public safety.

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