Public Works Certificate Program

Year: 2015


Whereas a consistent and dependable supply of qualified public works personnel is required to maintain functions necessary to fulfill those purposes for which the municipality is responsible; and Whereas there are a limited number of adequately trained public works personnel to draw from; and Whereas disruptions that occur when qualified public works personnel change puts the existing and future needs of the municipal residents into jeopardy and creates a health and safety issue; and Whereas there is a course developed and administered for municipal administrators through the Local Government Administration Program through the University of Regina; and Whereas relevant skills maintaining workshops are held for local government administrators, waste and wastewater operators, waste management operators, etc. through various public and private agencies; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the provincial government to provide a Certificate Program on Public Works through Saskatchewan Polytechnic or regional colleges.

Provincial Response

I am aware of recently developed training programs designed to strengthen local government leadership in Saskatchewan. This includes a Municipal Leadership Development Program and Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Recreation and Community Development Program. These programs are designed to be responsive to the education and training needs of municipalities. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is mandated to provide courses and programs of study, instruction or training, and related services, in academic, scientific, trade, technical, technological and vocational fields of education. Saskatchewan Polytechnic has a close relationship between the public and economic sectors it serves, and also has a long history of responsiveness to the labour market needs. Given the demand for this program, I encourage the SUMA to work directly with Saskatchewan Polytechnic on the needs for public works personnel training.

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