First Responders

Year: 2018


Whereas first responders are of vital importance in small urban areas and act as the first wave of response to most medical emergencies; and

Whereas new, qualified first responders are more difficult to find, due to a lack of funded training and program support; and

Whereas the overall population of first responders is reducing due to retirement and burnout;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the provincial Ministry of Health to provide funding for the recruitment and training of first responders. 

Provincial Response

The Ministry of Health provides funding to the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) to deliver programs and services, including emergency medical services and medical first response, throughout the province. As of December 4, 2017, the SHA assumed responsibility for the recruitment, coordination, education, and support of all the medical first responders (MFRs) across the province. These volunteer groups are supported financially by the SHA and governed by its individual policies. The SHA arranges and funds the initial training of its MFRs, as well as their continuing education program, which is required every two years.

It is the role of the Regional Director of EMS in the SHA to assist communities with questions or concerns, and ensure that communities are informed about the programs and services provided in the province. 

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