Fuel Tax Exemption for Municipal Police and Fire

Year: 2015


Whereas emergency response vehicles provide a public service; and Whereas emergency response services are not for profit or cost recovery; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the provincial government to make emergency-response vehicles for municipal police and fire departments eligible to apply for a Fuel Tax Exemption Permit.

Provincial Response

With regard to the resolution concerning the exemption of Fuel Tax on emergency-response vehicles for municipal police and fire departments, I note that the Government of Saskatchewan provides funding support to municipalities through direct funding rather than tax exemptions. This ensures consistent support is provided to all municipalities and permits individual municipalities to make autonomous decisions on the expenditures they undertake, without complicating the administration of the provincial Fuel Tax. The Fuel Tax is applicable to all "on-road" vehicles with only fuel used for farming and other specified "off-road" commercial enterprises (logging and trapping) being Fuel Tax exempt. The Fuel Tax Accountability Act requires that eligible on road Fuel Tax revenue be dedicated to provincial transportation spending for the benefit of all Saskatchewan residents. Further Fuel Tax exemptions could reduce the amount available for transportation spending.

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