Motor Vehicle Collision Rates for Fire Departments

Year: 2015


Whereas fire departments provide essential services in attending motor vehicle collisions and assisting with extraction, fire suppression, traffic control, and wreckage removal; and Whereas SGI is empowered by the provincial government to provide compensation to fire departments for these services; and Whereas individual adjusters often apply productive and non-productive call classifications unfairly and inconsistently, reducing the compensation amounts; and Whereas the current compensation rates are insufficient to provide full cost recovery; and Whereas no reimbursement is provided for consumable items or attendance at STARS landings; and Whereas municipalities, and particularly urban municipalities bear the brunt of funding fire departments; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the provincial government and SGI to adopt fair callout compensation, limit non-productive call classification to situations where no services are provided; and provide cost recovery for consumables and STARS attendance.

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