Expanded Golf-Cart Use

Year: 2015


Whereas dating back to 1991, municipal bylaws have been approved with the understanding that authority existed under The Municipalities Act to approve bylaws regarding the use of golf carts on municipal roads; and Whereas Section 113.1 of The Traffic Safety Act prohibits the operation of golf carts on a highway or any part of a highway unless there is a bylaw that is approved by SGI, as administrator of The Traffic Safety Act; and Whereas SGI uses a set of best practises before a golf cart bylaw will be approved, requiring municipal bylaw to specify the following: • Transportation is to be to/from the golf course, using the shortest most direct route between the golf course and where the golf cart is stored. • Travel is allowed during daylight hours only. • The bylaw must specify where operation of a golf cart is permitted/prohibited; and Whereas other jurisdictions in Canada have recognized golf carts as a cost-effective and energy-efficient means of transportation beyond going to/from the golf course; and Whereas a resolution was presented and received overwhelming support at the 2014 SUMA convention to have SUMA lobby for the right for municipalities to pass bylaws to regulate the use of golf carts within municipal boundaries; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby SGI to re-examine its best practises to approve municipal bylaws which allow for a broader use of golf carts within municipal boundaries.

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