Increase Funding to Assist Regional Recycling Programs

Year: 2009


Therefore be it resolved that the Ministry of Environment be asked to provide all centres offering recycling services, including Regional Waste Management Authorities, with substantially more funding in order for the interested parties to be able to continue to provide a sustainable method of recycling for the people of our province, thereby reducing waste at our landfills.

Provincial Response

Response: In order to sustain municipal recycling operations and facilities in the short-term, and given the present economics related to low values for recyclable commodities, the ministry is considering emergency bridge funding to sustain recycling systems for the near future. In the long-term, the EPR model described in response to resolution six provides the required long-term sustainable funding for municipal recycling and should result in reduced landfill waste. By regulating industry stewardship responsibility, the government begins to move away from a government-managed and taxpayer-financed waste reduction system towards an industry and consumer funded model. Municipal recycling infrastructure and staff will most certainly play an important role under the new funding scheme, but municipalities will not bear the entire costs of waste management alone.

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