Resigning from Council to Run in a Municipal By-Election

Year: 2008


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA lobby the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to change the Local Government Election Act - section 49, to state that a councillor is not required to resign to run in a municipal by-election.

Provincial Response

Response: • The only time a councillor on council would want to run in a municipal by-election when helshe is already on council, would to be to run for mayor. • Municipal Affairs intends to propose amendments to The Local Government Election Act (the Act) for consideration during the fall 2008 legislative session. Consultations will be held on all the proposed amendments during the spring of 2008. • Municipal Affairs will include in the amendment package an amendment to section 49 and section 160.04 of the Act that would effectthe change requested in the resolution for both urban and rural municipalities.

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