Establishing Provincial Standards for the Provision of Long Term Care

Year: 2008


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Department of Health to create a process that ensures that Regional Health Authorities and Affiliate organizations have capital monies for the maintenance, replacement and acquisition of equipment and furnishings required to safely provide programs and services to those in need of healthcare services in Saskatchewan.

Provincial Response

Response: Our government is working with regional health authorities in developing a ten-year capital plan for the province, and all capital projects will be considered within the context of the Ten-Year Strategic Plan. The Government of Saskatchewan recently announced a $3.74 billion health budget, which represents a $300 million increase over last year, to improve health care and ensure all Saskatchewan people benefit from the province's economic growth. The budget has begun to address the health care infrastructure deficit left by the previous government. We are investing $191 million in capital under the Ready for Growth initiative. This expenditure represents a significant increase over the previous government's planned expenditure. This funding will be used to fix existing hospitals and health facilities, to continue building the new provincial laboratory, purchase medical equipment, and begin building much needed health infrastructure. Our government has a plan to get health care back on track in Saskatchewan. We will undertake a Patient First Review of the health care system with input from health care professionals. The review will help us determine the best way to reduce surgical wait times and ensure timely access to care, direct more health care dollars away from bureaucracy to front-line care, and create quality work environments for health care providers. We will also establish a health care ombudsman. Discussions are currently under way with respect to the role and responsibilities of the ombudsman.

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