Amend Eligibility Criteria for Building Communities Grant Program

Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA Board of Directors lobby the Provincial Government and Saskatchewan Culture, Youth and Recreation to amend the eligibility criteria of the Building Communities Grant Program by removing the $1,000.000.00 per project criteria and to remove the “regional benefit” requirement as this contradicts the essence of truly building Saskatchewan communities.

Provincial Response

Response: I appreciate the concerns that the SUMA Board of Directors have with the program criteria and implications for the many worthwhile projects that are under $1 million. While it will not be possible for the $100 million to meet all the culture and recreation infrastructure needs in the province, the Building Communities Program is a good first step, demonstrating our commitment to making Saskatchewan an attractive place to live while encouraging a healthy life style. Addressing the infrastructure gap will require continued support from all levels of government-federal, provincial and municipal. The last significant federal investment in this area was in the late sixties.

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