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Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA request that the provincial government revert the responsibilities of information disclosure correctly to the Department of Justice and employ data entry staff for detachments in order to relieve RCMP members of paralegal and clerical responsibilities.

Provincial Response

Response: Under the Provincial Police Service Agreement (PPSA), the province is responsible to provide clerical support for the provincial police service. Municipalities who have signed Municipal Police Service Agreements (MPSAs) agreements that exist between a number of municipalities and the Public Safety Minister, formerly the Solicitor General for Canada are required to provide clerical support for RCMP members working in those municipalities. In conducting its review of all clerical positions, the RCMP has examined its needs under both the PPSA and MPSA agreements. Once the Commanding Officer has reviewed the report, he will provide recommendations to my department. I have asked my officials to work with our municipal partners to determine how we can best work together to ensure adequate clerical support is provide for RCMP members.

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