Amend Cities Act (Town to City)

Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA request that the Province of Saskatchewan amend the act to allow for the Minister to designate the existing town council as city council until the next regular election, thereby removing the need to hold an additional municipal election just because of a change in status.

Provincial Response

Response: The Act currently requires the Minister’s Order incorporating a new city to fix a day, hour and place for the nomination day for the election of a council, which day may be a day before the effective date of the Order. The Act also states that the former town council members continue in office until the election of a new city council. Because of a change to city status may also mean an increase in the number of councilors on the council, or a change in how they are elected (implementation of wards, for example); it may not be appropriate to wait until the next scheduled municipal election. Government Relations (GR) is not opposed to exploring potential changes to these provisions, but any amendment must adequately protect the democratic principle of ensuring a duty elected council is provided for in a fair and timely manner. GR recommends that SUMA propose the amendment to the Cities Act Amendment Review Committee for the further analysis and consideration.

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