Using Current Population Numbers for Grants

Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA lobby the provincial government to allow the use of either Census figures or Stats Canada Adjusted Population figures, whichever is the greatest.

Provincial Response

Response: The province uses Statistics Canada census figures to calculate per capita grants because those are the only independent, verifiable population figures that are available, based on actual population counts. The Stats Canada Adjusted Population figures are just estimates, not actual population counts and may vary considerably from actual populations. Prior to 1997, the province used health registration population figures to adjust populations between census counts. However, these were also estimates and proved inaccurate because they were based on postal codes. People that lived outside of communities, but picked up their mail in the community, were often counted as community residents. The New Deal Gas Tax allocations are based on 2001 Census figures. The federal and provincial governments, in the joint evaluation of the gas tax program to be completed by March 2009, will address the issue of using updated population figures for the program. The “either or” approach recommended in the resolution would be unacceptable because some communities would receive grants based on one set of figures while other communities would receive grants based on a different set of figures, and the total could be more than 100% of the funds available.

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