Grants and Loans for Energy Retrofits to Rec Facilities

Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Government of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada to provide a targeted program to assist communities with the capital cost of energy efficiency by a combination of grants and low interest loans.

Provincial Response

Response: Saskatchewan Environment Launched the Green Strategy on April 12, 2007. Saskatchewan’s Green Strategy is a framework for improved environmental management that recognizes the importance of the environment in maintaining a prosperous economy and a healthy society. To support the strategic outcomes of the Green Strategy, Saskatchewan Environmental announced $7.5 million in new funding for New Green Initiatives. One of the target areas for this funding is Energy Efficiency for Business, Communities, Agriculture and Non-Profit Organizations. Saskatchewan Environment has allocated $1,100,000 to provide financial incentives to assist business, communities, agriculture and non-profit organizations in undertaking energy conservation initiatives and installing renewable energy systems. Saskatchewan Environment is now working to identify opportunities for this funding.

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