Opposing Forced Municipal Amalgamations

Year: 2006


Be it resolved that SUMA continue to oppose forced municipal amalgamations and communicate that unequivocal view to the Provincial Government.

Provincial Response

The Provincial Government continues to support inter-municipal cooperation and voluntary municipal restructuring determined by the municipal council. The Municipalities Act provides authority for municipalities to enter into restructuring agreements and negotiate the terms of voluntary restructuring with other municipalities. Although the department, SARMA and SUMA provide general guidance, voluntary restructuring is ultimately the responsibility of the municipal council. Residents and their municipal councils must work cooperatively to determine mutually acceptable approaches to voluntary restructuring. In support of voluntary municipal restructuring, the province has: - removed the legislative impediments to voluntary restructuring as identified by SARM and SUMA; - worked with SARM, SUMA, and the municipal administrators' associations to assist municipalities with the voluntary restructuring process by developing resource materials, including a step-by-step guide and information pages on Government Relations website; and - provided SARM with ongoing funding to assist municipalities expressing interest in undertaking restructuring feasibility studies with transitional costs.

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