Code of Ethics Enforcement

Year: 2019


Whereas municipal councils must adopt a code of ethics, as required by section 93.1(1) of The Municipalities Act; and

Whereas section 93.1(6)(b) limits the ability of municipalities to respond to contraventions of the code of ethics to censuring or suspending an offending council member; and

Whereas the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are unable to assist municipalities in enforcing code of ethics penalties, such as enforcing suspensions, that are not also criminal matters; and

Whereas municipalities may only remove a council member from council as a result of conflict of interest and then only after a court process;

Therefore, be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the provincial government to develop regulations for The Municipalities Act that allow municipalities to present the Minister of Government Relations with sufficient evidence of repeated code of ethics violations and have the Minister order the offending council member removed from office.


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