SUMA Recognizes Efforts, but More Funding Necessary in Budget 2024-25

Mar 21, 2024

Provincial investments into Saskatchewan’s hometowns help improve the quality of life for residents. With the 2024-25 budget, SUMA recognizes the province’s efforts to improve lives across Saskatchewan by maintaining key operating funding and increasing investments in key healthcare infrastructure. We are, however, disappointed in the decrease to transportation infrastructure for our northern communities, and the static state of other collaborative funding models, and health services, particularly those connected mental health and addictions and affordable housing.

We are glad to see the continuance of Municipal Revenue Sharing and use of the agreed-upon formula, which will result in a substantial, and much-needed increase to funding for municipal operations.

“It’s good to see the value the provincial government places on municipal revenue sharing. For so many communities, collaboration and shared resources are the way to growth, and without revenue sharing many of us would suffer,” said President Randy Goulden.


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