SUMA City Mayors Call on the Province to Address Problems with the Saskatchewan Income Support Program and Social Housing

Jun 14, 2023

The SUMA City Mayors Caucus recently met in the City of Melville to discuss the shared issues affecting the cities and residents of our province. Some of the most critical issues continue to be homelessness, and the negative effects of homelessness on the homeless themselves and on the neighbourhoods, businesses, and individual residents of our province.

“The Saskatchewan Income Support Program (SIS) continues to worsen our homelessness problem,” said Gerald Aalbers, SUMA’s Vice-President of Cities and Chair of the SUMA City Mayors Caucus. “The barriers put in place for accessing services, the rates that remain far below the cost of living, and the evictions that occur because the province no longer pays landlords directly, are responsible for ever-increasing numbers of people on our streets.”

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