Province’s Bill 64 Strips Hometowns of Revenues and Rights

Province’s Bill 64 Strips Hometowns of Revenues and Rights

Apr 24, 2017

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) voiced its objections again today against Bill 64, An Act to amend The Power Corporation Act and The SaskEnergy Act.

“Bill 64 strips 109 hometowns of payments in lieu they are legally entitled to, and gives the provincial government the power to redirect these royalties to the general revenue fund,” said SUMA Vice-President of Cities, Bob Maloney. “Even worse, the bill strips hometowns of their legal right to defend those agreements before the courts or be compensated for their loss.”

Responding to comments last week from Government Relations Minister Donna Harpauer, SUMA Vice-President of Towns Rodger Hayward said “She asks if it’s reasonable for two orders of government to spend money to fight it out in court. We ask if it’s reasonable to pass legislation that denies local governments the ability to defend legal agreements — or be compensated for this loss of revenue.”

These agreements covered capital investments and they included a guarantee that the municipality would forever get royalties on future sales of power. 

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